Re: Billions of Frogs

:smiley: on a walk yesterday we came across one hell of a site, Billions of frogs along 2 k ok road, I never had seen anything like it before, the frogs were about 1cm came in brown and green colors.

here are some Pictures

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

That’s like when I was golfing in Terrace late one night, it was too dark to do much, but we could see things moving on the grass and when we realized they were frogs we noticed that they were everywhere.  They were the same tiny little ones you posted, and I’d guess that they were from the water hazard that was near where I was when I saw them, but then I never noticed any tadpoles in there.

Jesus, where was this? That’s alot of freakin’ frogs  :astonished:

Wow, that’s a tonne of frogs!  I’ve seen that once before when I was a kid visiting my uncle on the prairies.  The frogs came out just before a violent thunder storm.

You guys/gals seen the dialy planet thing on how frogs freeze and thaw?

There are a few species that do that.  Pretty neat stuffs.  Never saw the Daily Planet episode on it but I watched a program about Cyrogenics (spelling?) where they were looking at how frogs can deal with being froze and unthawed.  I think they’re all stupid though.  I’m just going to drink a bunch of anti-freeze before I die. 

cooooool. looks like some parts of ferry island, i used like catching those things way back when.