Re: Barking dog is driving me nuts

I was at Cowpuccino’s yesterday and a young woman was calling her dog who was off its leash.  He stopped on the road and she walked over and hit him so hard on his side and yelled NO!  Everyone who was outside just stopped and stared at her.  Obviously she felt that this was an appropriate form of discipline for her dog - which obviously is not.  I explained to my son who witnessed this as well that this was not the way to treat an animal - or human for that matter.  I regret not saying anything to her.  Everyone did offer looks of disapproval and disgust.  I don’t own a dog and never have.  If a dog is not trained to stay by your side, why have it off its leash at all?  You’re setting everyone up for trouble.

You’re calling me an incompetent dog owner, when you’ve never met me, or my dog? Shows how much you know about dogs, and good owners.

By the way teach the kids to be afraid of the “meanacing” boxers, you’ll see the result of that in a matter of seconds.


I am sure you are a good dog owner,  and your dog is good,  but anything could happen,  Imagine a dear popping out of a house across the street,  your dog running at it,  in front of a car,  the car swerves and injures someone or worse.  Extream case I know,  but really,  if a child was poorly behaved and walked up to your dog or someone elses and pulled its hair,  or smacked it,  will all dogs even good dogs react in a good way.

Leash laws are not just for poorly behaved dogs…

eek! its not mine is it??  I left my dog in the yard today because it was so nice and he wouldnt stop whinning at the door.

Was it a little goofy looking black/white collie mixed mutt ???  :stuck_out_tongue:

If it was - I’m very sorry, he’s a work in progress - he’s only about 8mon old

Leash laws should be in effect to protect your dog.  I have a friend back east who had 2 beautifully behaved off leash rotties.  Walked beside her at all times, would sit outside stores and wait for her etc.  One day, something tweaked the male and he ran into traffic.  He was hit by a car and thrown to the side of the road. She obviously was devastated and had to learn a lesson the hardest way ever, she now leashes her dog and takes him to a fenced in dog park. There really is know way that an owner can predict a pets’ behavior, it only takes a moment for them to go against all they have been taught and that may be the last moment you will have with your pet. What is the problem walking them on leash anyway?  Also, what angers and scares me are the pickup trucks that don’t 3-tee their dogs in the back. Please, second guess your pets, almost like you have to do with your kids ! It’s all worth it in the long run.

I don’t usually walk him off leash where there’s cars around. But other than that, it’s free reign. It would be nice if we could have a place where dog owners wouldn’t get bitched at for dogs being off leash. It also would be nice if people would do some research into their dogs temperments, before they decide to get one.

I own a labrador retriever. And he’s probably the sweetest thing you’ve ever met.

He’s a cutey Bubba and so is your kitten!  Hey, if you ever need a dogwalker, you know where to reach me!    :smiley:

It would be nice if some people did some research before posting replies…

Was refering to the owners who have dogs which they cannot control. :smiley:

This is pretty intence on the converstation…  :unamused: all animals are differnt and React differntly to differnt things. I know I have a 135 lbs rottie that has been put to the test more then once!Deers,other dogs,cats, Dogs Attacking him…anything hahaha. He walks on leash and pull’s a bit, when he is offleash his shoulder will not move from my side. lol. the only thing that distracts him a Little (so far) Is a Horse. hahaha. BUT I dont think that that is gonna distract him here.  On the other hand I have another dog that is not as well lessoned in Life lmao~ lol.  I have Seen MANY dogs around town that should be Kept on leash and never are. If your dog isnt used to the kids and runs around like crazy, they really shouldnt be off leash…simple. but each person to there own…  there really should be an offleash FENCED off park for dogs.  **This is just my opinion  **

  I think an offleash dog park would be great, and to pay for it all dog owners should have to register there dogs. Part of the responsibility and privilege,  just like driving a car. Uh Oh, i guess we would need dog insurance though. I still like the dog park idea.

The dog park Idea has been around for a long time…just nothing has happend :frowning: :frowning: to what i know of  This coming back to the Barking dog driving me nuts part… I no for A FACT my dogs if they are antsy, they bark and a drop of a pin!! Thus ALL of my dogs get out, and socialize…and at the end of it all,  WOW They dont bark!!! either outside or in…  hmmmm Amazing LOL!!!  another thing to stop dogs from barking ((most)) is if you are in range, a water bottle! my dogs are fine with the rain and all, but if they see that waterbottle, they no not to Say a word…it is wierd hahaha.  Goodluck on the barking

Our beast of burden LOL, gets out at least for 45 min. everyday rain or shine. The only thing she barks at is the front door when someone is knocking at it.Not saying we are perfect owners but burning there energy goes a long way to obedience, and silence.

First make sure you know for sure what dog is the culprit…my dogs were blamed through ignorance by a neighbour who didn’t notice our whole block has dogs…You are responsible for your dogs all day and all night…train them not punishthey will learn…as for the leash law there are ignorant owners who trust there dogs only to panic and panic the dog more last minute to put a leash on there perfect dog…off leash dog park would be awesome…just sign a waiver and show documents proving health from vet…don’t even get started on owners who do not clean up after pets…for Christ sake the bags are free downtown…

My personal favourite is the dog owner that does the “star gaze” as pooch drops it’s landmine.

I like the idea of a dog park, but considering the number of people who refuse to pick up after their dog(s) in Rupert, I’m not sure if it would be such a good idea…it may just turn into a field of dog poop, in which case few people will even bother to use it.
It would be nice though

          Just got back from Victoria and saw a couple who were dog walking in Beacon Hill park, they saw their dog pooping but kept on walking… and there were lots of people around and it didn’t even phase them to walk on… unbelievable

              P.S.  here’s a funny quote, appropriate to my comments here…

  Dogs are the leaders of this planet. If you see two life forms, and one of them is taking a poop, and the other one will carry it for him, who would you assume is in charge … :wink:

In one thread, we’re talking about how we have to pay for grocery bags to keep them out of the landfill, and that we should use our own bags now. And in this thread we’re talking about picking up poop, in said plastic bags, and chucking it in the garbage can, to be put in the landfill, to biodegrade slowly.

Wouldn’t it be more green, to not pick up the poop, let it fertilize the lawns, and just watch where you step? This assuming the dog is pooping on a lawn and not on a concrete sidewalk or something.

I dunno, has anyone even thought about that? Sometimes it seems like there’s two messages coming from the world. first one being, recycle, take care of our planet, go green, and the next being “I don’t want to have to watch where I step, or deal with poop being seen or smelt and what not so pick it up, and use a non biodegradeable plastic bag to do so”

How do you recycle a bag, that has had your dogs poop in it?

Also, before you flame me, I pick up my dogs poop. It’s just something to think about is all.

ummm,  no thanks,  I do not want to think about you picking up your dogs poops.

Very funny.  :unamused: