Re: Barking dog is driving me nuts

All day… bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark…               

shoot it.

call star dust maybe they pick up

Nothing more annoying than a barking dog.  Mine does it and I get her in right away.  Even so, my neighbor called me up and complained, so I’ve been trying to be extra vigilant.  Good luck with getting it to stop.

Call by-law enforcement tomorrow and probably the S.P.C.A.  Good Luck getting some sleep !!  You can always set some BIG bass speakers outside your window and wear earplugs !  Ah, revenge is sweet  :smiley:

maybe you guys are neighbors  :smiley:

try this…

here’s a true story,my friend was a telephone repair guy who went out to a repair  a phone that was not ringing. It was at a little old lady’s , while he was at the house the dog ,that the lady had tied up out side on a dog run started barking ,the old lady picked up the phone and had a conversation and hung up .My friend never herd the phone ring ,the old lady claimed that the dog while out side could tell her that somebody was calling .It turns out the old lady put a light chain with a snap on to the telephone wire that ran to a pole off her back porch and  tied the other end  to the dog .What happened was after a while the snap wore through the protective coating on the telephone  wire ,so every time the phone rang the dog was getting electrocuted

Bhahaha!!  Newman FTW!

I’ve actually got one of those collars on order.  It should arrive any time now. :smile:

Please tell me it was a little football dog. Otherwise thats abuse and the SPCA should have been called.

I don’t like those shock collars.

With time and effort, you can get your dog not to bark without one.

Have to agree with you there!  Dogs need consistency with their training and commitment.  Hurting your pet into complying with a demand is not an answer and not a recommendation. I think they are just for lazy owners who don’t want to bother putting in the time.  They should watch the shows “Dog Whisperer or " At the end of my Leash”.  Sure get awesome pointers and techniques from those fellas !

Not clear,  but are refering to the artical I posted?  if so it is not a shock collar.  READ THE LINK,  it emits a noise only the dog can hear,  only when it barks.  You can also get ones that emit a harmless spray of air into the dogs face.

The unit I suggested was for the remote unit to place near his neighbours fence.

Yes you can train with out these devices,  but some people work,  and cannot be at home during the hours of barking to curb/train the animal,  so these work well and are not cruel.

And it is not this posters job to train some other persons animal.

Yes, the collar I ordered is not a shock collar, it emits a ultrasonic sound like a dog whistle does and startles the dog.  The dog learns that barking produces the sound and stops.

Dog owners in our town show no respect for others.

Yesterday there was a family walking their two dogs (ugly dogs that looked like a relative of Bulldogs, maybe Boxers?) down my street, off leash, they were running into peoples’ yards and looking menacing.  There are small children in our neighbourhood and I am fed up with people disregarding leash laws.

Looking menacing? LOL If the dog wasn’t being aggressive, what’s the big deal? I’ve heard somewhere, that dogs are more aggressive when they’re on leash anyways…

Is it because you’re scared of dogs? Must be.

I like having my dog off leash, mind you, mine doesn’t run around like a maniac.

There are leash laws in our town.

The reason for our leash laws is the 1% of white trash dog owners who typically have an aggressive poorly trained dog and don’t have the common sense to keep their dog under control and on a leash.

I am not afraid of dogs.  I am afraid that this sort of dog may injure one of the small kids in my neighbourhood.  And yes, running all over people’s yards when small kids are around is menacing to me.  I also don’t appreciate when a neighbour’s small yippy annoying dog craps on our front lawn.  I settled that after a few talks with the neighbour and dumping the crap back on their lawn a couple of times.

These people, and you, need to keep their dog on a leash.  Some of you may love dogs, I will tolerate them if they are leashed/fenced/and kept quiet, but just like incompetent parents with poorly behaved kids, incompetent dog owners ought not to inflict their dogs on other people.

If you own a shock collar for your dog… don’t let your 5 year old play with the shock remote it’s kinda not so funny for the dog!!!