Re: Barack Hussein Obama

who else finds that the next President  of the GOOD ol US of A has a Muslim  name, times a changen down south i say.  :smiley:

[SARCASM=AndrewMorgan444]I don’t think they knew that, lol.[/SARCASM]

it’s a new age!

You’re confusing Muslim with Arabic.  One is a religion, the other is a language.

Hussein is an Arabic name. 

I didn’t know the name McCain was Muslim (or is it Arabic) .

ha!  rimshot

At least you’re making a prediction.  I think McCain can bean Hillary, but I’m not sure about Obama. 

Anybody remember hoshq’s prediction for president?

That’s the problem for the Democrats in this election.

I was talking to a hispanic friend I have who lives in the States. He says that even though he and his community are trying to support Obama, the issue that he is black with an Arabic middle name, and that Clinton is a woman, stacks all the odds against the Dems. After all, McCain is an old, white man–perfect figure to be President.

It will be interesting to see if the somewhat dormant, but widespread racism and sexist thought in the US will show itself next Fall.

Exactly!  That is why Rush encouraged his listeners to go out and vote for Clinton.  The GOP would love to be able to run against Clinton.  Obama will be a challenge for the geriatric McCain.