Re: Avoiding the next dusty door stop for your home

For those with long enough memories, back in the seventies there came the era of the videotape player, which featured a long tooth and nail battle between the VHS and Beta formats. A war which now seems rather quaint , considering the VCR for the most part gathers dust under your television set, a curious post modern museum piece that rarely, if ever, gets used anymore.

But in its day the battle for supremacy was pitched, Sony banked heavily on the Beta format, Panasonic, JVC and a host of others went with VHS and as history would show, it was a serious setback for Sony when the Beta format was finally rendered to history’s remainder bins. A business plan that no doubt provided for many rolling heads at the Sony World headquarters in Japan.

Fast-forward a few decades and here we are again, a new gizmo with an old debate and again soon, a new casualty.

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It may seem like the battle is over but I think they are still going to be messing with our minds for a while yet… … ture-discs

Until the local shelves are filled with Blu-Ray discs and players are retailing for under $100, I’m not spending a dime on upgrading-I’ll settle for watching pay-per-vu HD movies on my 1080p 42 HD-LCD tv instead.Or my older discs, none of which I’m currently even considering upgrading.  :sunglasses:

yeah the war between HD DVD & Blu Ray is over. Toshiba’s gonna be halting producation of the HD DVD players after march, but will continue to offer support for the customers they have  in the present.

Blu Ray FTW!

I’m assuming that you can’t play regular dvd’s in a Blu-Ray player?  So now anyone with an extensive dvd collection will need to replace all of there dvd’s?

No, you can play regular DVDs in a blu-ray player.