Re: Ati Sponsored LAN in Prince Rupert

Sounds like fun don’t it? Sounds pretty cool if you like to game

:laughing: I was thinkin of goin if I can get the time off work. I love Battlefield 2 :smiley:

I wonder if that will go through, the last sponsored LAN that was planned for this area didn’t happen, and that was when more people were into lanning. Maybe more are into lanning now and im just not in the know? Anyways sounds interesting, especially if prizes are involved :wink:

I think it’s gonna happen anyway. Last I checked in with the guy heading up the lan he said there were six signed up. The whole thing is kinda open and not limited to playing all the games and stuff. There will some deathmatch and some teamplay as well w00t! Besides it’s in Breakers, I hope we can buy drinks from the bar (if it’s open) :laughing: Ahhh, some K&A and a little vodka always got me gamin’ hard :laughing:

Hey MiG still heads up those lan at CHSS on Tuesdays right? Some CS? I heard they’re pretty sweet

I do belive that Me and delirous are hittin it up.

wait back the truck up… do we have to have all the games listed within the link, installed, or just some of them or what? We should have a FEAR multiplayer… but wait, most computer cant run that game… I feel for ya timmy.

From what I get it sounds like he’s got the games to install just for the LAN and I guess if you need a comp to run them that’ll have to be the “requirement”

Heck I wanna go just to win an ATi T-Shirt or sumfin :laughing: ATi rocks

I can lend a pimpin rig Timmy :smiley:

[quote=“MeepMeepZoom”]Heck I wanna go just to win an ATi T-Shirt or sumfin :laughing: ATi rocks

I can lend a pimpin rig Timmy :smiley:[/quote]

Who is you anywho?


meh, my rig works good enough

and like im going to play all of thoese games,
i have
Americans Army
CS Source
im good to go.

w00000000 Sausage Fest 2006!!!

i don’t get it :blush:

I do.

Hey girls play Games just as much as guys, don’t just assume that girls are not just as geeky as us guys, nothing worse then getting pwned by a girl.

Oh I know girls do play games… but all the pics I’ve seen of you guys and your computers… ALL BOYS, no chicks.

People take pictures of themselves with their computers? :open_mouth:

Those pictues were taken a long time ago… but I’m sure not a whole lot has changed since then…

except Tim’s sideburns :laughing:

:mrgreen: They’re pimpin now :imp:

He’s got swag on the way :astonished:

A couple of us die hard gamers will be coming from Terrace to help with attendance.

As for girl gamers we’ve had a couple at our previous events, but yes it is mainly a sausage fest. At least you don’t have to worry about fartin and burpin :smile:

If any of you are interested in travellin for gaming check out. Â

im kinda interested to see what other people have for computers in town.