Re: Apple Switch

K, since the day is young for many techs, I will post about the Ellen Feiss apple switch ad… does anyone miss it as much as I do?

Ellen Feiss

And for something equally as entertaining but somewhat offensive to MiG watch

I miss Ellen Feiss, but the commercials are much better now.

Annoying smug Mac guy and huggable dopey PC guy.  I actually got the John Hodgman book, *The Areas of My Expertise * for Christmas.  Very funny.

That’s the book that got him a guest appearance on the Daily Show (which led to his Apple commercials and a regular spot on the Daily Show). 

Speaking of Apple Commercials, the CBC Radio show “Age of Persuasion” featured the 1984 superbowl ad today.

There was an interview with Feiss posted on recently. I found it pretty interesting.

edit Here we go:


I’m not sure there’s anything you don’t know something about MiG.

I’m trying to learn how to post videos from youtube. Does anyone know how?

I read an interview about Feiss too once. I read she was on an antihistamine for seasonal allergies thus explaining her red eyes and ‘stoned’ attitude… made for a great ad though!

Firstly, I’d like to say that “The Age of Persuasion” on the seebeesee is great.

Secondly, I like in that Ellen Feiss interview when she says at the end that they gave her and her buddies free iPods, and she says of the iPod, “… and it’s like totally the coolest thing ever!!” with a sort of valley girl twang that only reinforces the stereotypes used to describe her.

What’s with the Ellen Feiss resurgence all of a sudden, anyway?

It made both Digg and the Slashdot front page today.

She’s back because she made “like the coolest apple switch ad ever”.