Re: Airport Question

How do you “View available wireless networks” with a Mac? It asks for name of connection and security mode, but I haven’t found out how to search.

Two ways:

Select it from the airport icon in the menu bar (it will automatically list any available networks).  Or you can use the “internet connect” application to list them.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Found the internet connection, but turns out the airport only sees my router. My Toshiba’s Atheros also sees 2 neighbours and both mountaintops (upstairs only).
Stealing one’s ‘default’ right now.

Here’s another slightly related quesiton:

I used to scam internet off of my neighbor by sitting in my window.  That was easy!  However, recently, I haven’t been allowed to access their internet.  I figured I was banned from their list, but when I went outside and sat out front their door (thus getting a stronger signal) I was back online, and faster than ever!

So, I sit in the same window with my Roommate’s computer (Dell Laptop) and he’s got a connection, no worries.

Why is HIS computer receiving a signal AND getting connected while mine doesn’t seem to pick up a strong enough signal to get hooked up?  Is there any way I can boost my Signal Reception?

I am NOT happy to think that a PC is beating out my MAC…

He might have a better antenna.  I know the Macbooks generally do better than the Macbook Pros.

Have you tried with or without “interference robustness” ?