Re: Agp and Ram

Im thinking of upgrading my computer, or just buying a whole new one.
Is there a dirt cheap agp card better then a gt 6600
or more ram I can get for a asus P4C800 Deluxe  I think its ddr 2700
Is it worth it to build a new comp?

Welcome to 2008, go buy a new Taiwanese/Japanese computer. Better than North Korean technology you’re asking for.


If you’re trying to play games or do any high-end stuff, an AGP slot and DDR1 RAM will only take you so far these days.

If you don’t want to buy everything at once, get a board with the VIA PT880 series chipset. I bought an ASROCK 775-DUAL VSTA last year which I still use. At the time I had a great AGP card that I didn’t want to get rid of, PC 2700 DDR RAM, and an XP3200+. The PT880 accepts DDR/DDR2, AGP and PCI-E, IDE/SATA while supporting newer processors like the Core2Duo and I think even the Intel QuadCores. PCI-E on this board. So now all I need to upgrade is a video card to be able to move on to newer motherboard, if I wanted to.

You’re probably better off to replace everything instead of doing this. Since you have roughly the same stuff I did over a year ago.

Foxconn 690.
AM2 board with ATI X1200 DVI=VGA-TV video onboard, 4 RAM slots, steer up to 1GB to video.
Has PCIE for expansion too.
Under $100
AMD X2 4200-4400
Under $100
swap it out for an AMD Phenom when you have money…

Heres the route I would go if I wanted a new system,the shopping channel has a 24 hour deal  today till midnight on a dell xps 420,intel 2.4 ghz quad core cpu,  512MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GT, 3 gb ram and a 22 inch widescreen lcd.Sweet deal.
heres the link. … ord=601511

top notch parts- video card-cpu-memory
only thing is the motherboard is a little on the generic side for expansion slots but everything is allready there so who cares.
No one could build a comparable  system for less—1699.00   

Both notebooks from the link also look pretty nice.

build your own computer from their PC Builder software.

and if you don’t realize the savings compared to the price of a pre-assembled computer. then you’ve got to be crazy.