Re: Afghanistan

So what do people think of Harper’s sudden announcement that we’ll be pulling out of Afghanistan in 2011 for sure?
Think it had to do with polls showing almost 2/3 are now opposed to the mission?
Or do you think that he just heard like the rest of us that the goddam Yanks crossed the border into Pakistan, blew the shit out of some town and killed 20 civilians with Bush’s approval and Harper’s scared shitless 1/2 a billion Pakistanis with nukes are gonna make the Chosin Reservoir attack look like a fucking barn dance?

I don’t believe anything that Harper says, but, I will be happy when we’re out of there.

I will be happy when we are out of there as well.  As for the believing anything Harper says - that goes for any politician on the face of the earth.  Elections should be renamed to “Pick a liar, any liar”.

QFT.  That is awesome! :sunglasses:

One of my best friend here is in the military and was in Afghanistan in 2004.  He said that one of the main problems for canadians  soldiers is that they cannot trust any one overthere.  So much that he has a tendency to be prejudiced against certain ethnics groups event though he usually sounds like a fairly open minded individual to me. He was talking with one of his friends who was just returning and he said that what we see on TV is a fraction of what’s really happening there.  His friends was in charge of cleaning up after IED explosion so he had first hand experience of the brutality of the task at hand. 
I think that the task of the canadians over there is too overwhelming to dream of success. 

Agreed.  I hope Harper pulls our men/women out sooner than later.  We can keep killing extremists, but, they will keep fighting.  For them this is a religious war, a jihad.  Let us cut our losses and come home.  It saddens me greatly to read stories about 20 something year old soldiers getting maimed/killed by roadside bombs.

You get a lot more on youtube and the military forums than you get on TV.

Short version:  Taliban and friends get their butts kicked (badly) in any engagement.  They don’t even know the basic military tactics that boot camp teaches – overlapping fire, flanking, etc.  Hence the roadside bombs.  If the local population is on your side, then they give up the Taliban easily.  If they’re pissed at you for any reason, then they hide the Taliban.

That makes sense.  To me our current Canadian deployment seems futile.  I don’t see a successful end-game for us over there.

The more bombs get dropped from the sky, the more civilians get killed, the more civilians get killed, the more Taliban are created, the more Taliban created, the more bombs have to dropped from the sky. So which arms manufacturer CEO dreamt this one up?

We keep going in this direction and we will have Pakistan destabilized as well. And  dont even get me started on the moralistic implications of inflicted democracy.

Heh, the neanderthal cowboy from Texas firmly believes that inflicting democracy is a just cause (…damn, no WMDs) :smile: