Re: Acropolis Manor demolition

The first cruel cut!

Heh. Looks like someone busted out.

Sad… my grandmother was one of the first residents when it opened up. Great memories at that time…

Maybe someone busted in…

What a waste. They could have at least saved the windows or something…

the place looks good out side but inside it’s a moldy dump almost similar to inlander it needs to come down as soon as possible NHA is doing the right thing… out with the old and in with the new…  it’s time to move on…

Now the seniors and elders will be kept in lock-up and maybe chained for their own well being. I heard this from a senior gentleman who visits these instituations almost daily. It is such a shame that these seniors who helped create this town must be out into such places. They are still such an important part of our everyday life. I am upset that they live out their lives to face this lonely setting.

I know people who have moved into the new place and the love it.

If you have info to the contrary, post it.

I have been at the the new place a couple of times, it is quite nice, a big step up from the place they were all living in.

Yes, they have locks on the doors (pass keys) leading into the place and on the doors to each individual pod but for the safety of the residents living there. There are folks living there with dementia and alzheimer’s.  I’m sure you must have heard of people getting out of their care places and wandering off only to be found dead somewhere the next day.  Try explaining that to a family member. Anyone who is able to leave safely is allowed to do so, no one is locking them in.

I have spoken to a few of the residents there and they are all happy, the space they have is much larger than before, they have extra staff like a rec therapist at their disposal and activities for the residents to do all week long rather than Monday to Friday.

I think that it is great to have such an awesome place for our seniors.

  Why couldn’t they have done that?  Windows, doors, fixtures and the like…What a waste…Bad enough for health and safety reasons it could not have been saved but at least salvage some of the construction materials.  We used to do that on demolition sites all the time and then sell it off at bargain prices.  Pick up some great deals especially for the home renovators…

Perhaps you should go and take a look for yourself rather than relying on someone else’s opinion before you post it in here.  The new manor has rooms that are very spacious with great lighting and colours. A far better place than the old manor. Everyone that I talk to that lives there LOVES it.  ( Okay so I only talked to 9 /13 residents) the others were out and about.

How do you know they haven’t done this?  If I was doing the demolition or removal, I’d factor the costs of those things into my bid.  If anything is salvageable, it’s not going into the landfill.

A few of those windows would make a killer greenhouse. 

Who would want greasy old windows from a place where just about everyone has clawed and spit on from the inside, the cleaning time it would take. Sun would not get in to the greenhouse.

  After looking at the photos,they would have removed the windows first if they had any plans on saving them. Seeing as they are still there and there is a big hole in the wall, I guess they will be smashed too bits. Too bad as they would be useful recyleables.I know a guy on the crew, I should ask.

The windows will be recycled.

Nope, I drove by just a few minutes ago.

They’re just tearing it down. BLAM, no salvaging.

  That is a real shame and a horrendous waste…What’s that? Just laziness or no foresight?

I have no idea. Lack of funding to get people to salvage? It’s the government we’re talking about here!


It seems like the government has a very big mouth when it comes to the environment and recycling.
They let the contract out to demolish with no provision to salvage any of the still usable material.
It is bad enough to tear down a perfectly sound building, but to send all that glass and plastic to a landfill should raise the hackles of a few environmentalists!
How long does vinyl siding take to break down in a landfill?! Plastic window frames?
This is our government working for us!

As to the subject of the building being musty and full of mildew, how does a house get that way? Leaky roof and poor maintenance! In any event that kind of problem could have been dealt with. The building was structurally sound.

So, here we are. One less facility that could have been used for some useful purpose.
I personally don’t think that war will ever bring down the Western World. I think it will be arrogance, waste and stupidity!

Perhaps the BC government should buy a few cases of the book pictured below.
It just might save us some money and a lot of anger!