RCMP warn of prolific offender's return to town

A Prince Rupert prolific offender has been released from the Prince George Correction Center on December 8, 2011 and is expected to return to the area.


Perhaps already back at work?

as reported on htmf


why have they not released a name or photo??

why bother with a release of this nature…

Hit him with a car.

Ah it’s all kind of heartwarming that the Justice System is working to ensure that prolific offenders can make it home for Christmas!

Same guy as last year…I have name and address…

please post or inbox me,

You can check him out on Facebook…Earl Theodorou…lives or at least did live at 1498 Kootney

If it’s the same fellow I just googled for Facebook, then he’s missing a few of his “activities and interests”, though at the moment you have to ask to be his friend, which all things considered in this thread might not be the wisest strategy.

the power of PIPL.

This kid needs caning.

You guys are all funny that was not earl. Earl may have returned home but ever sence he went to jail and gor out he has been outta trouble and haven’t done anythung maby he should beacuse all u guys sitting their callling him down and ur funny pellet guns and. Paintball tune dont hurt. Lol. And we have a couple so good luck and he is a good reapectable person if u lnow him he has a big heart if u guys lnew him he would have reapect but. Peoplw like all u guys dont desrve reapect. U guys discust me he has been outta trouble for over 2 years he smartend up after. He had his kids. With me. Ao lol im gunna show him all what u guys said and hes gunna be pissed cuz he. Hates when people talk about him and u guys dont even know him maby he has done wron if his life likw relly who haswnt it may have not been bad as him but he had a hard life and. U guys don’t understand he lost his dad when he was 5 years old. Been deapeated and used. Like if u guys knew him u guys qould understand what he has been threq his whole life… Hate ur when people being him down even when he has been doing good. So. If u guys have a problem we would be happy to meet u guys and show u whats up. My e mail is Karmen_420@hotmail.com so dont talk shit if u dont know the whole story hes a good person father and husband amd brother ans son

…nobody but you has posted on this in 3 years. Having a rough childhood is no excuse for being a shitty person. That said if he’s not being scum that steals peoples hard earned property any more then GREAT.

Perhaps though if I make a suggestion it may be wise to lower your temper a bit when seeing old posts about him being a thief and scum from when he was actually a thief.

PS. Nobody needs to know the whole story, if hes a good person now thats fine. He wasnt then.

Welcome to HTMF. I can see you’re a bit upset. Understandable. Please avoid posting threats. Thank you.

Who was it then in this article ?