RCMP Incident

Any thoughts on the call all parents are getting from the School District regarding an incident reported to the RCMP about an 11 year old child? Wonder what happened?

That call was chilling. I had another good chat with my 11 year old about the need for being alert when she is out in the community.

what was the phone call? i didnt get one

Someone made a grab for an eleven year old. Parents were called by the school district and were informed about the incident. The RCMP are investigating the incident.

Was it someone walking down the street, or was there a vehicle involved?

And now the news article…took a couple of days…


[quote=“sunflowergurl”]And now the news article…took a couple of days…


Newspapers can only hand out information that they know is true. Getting info from the police before they publish an article is important. Otherwise you’d be bitching about rumour and fear mongering. And seeing as it would have been an investigation, and it might have taken some time to get the police report from the RCMP, that’s likely why it took a few days.

Why I have to explain this to people is beyond me…

My intent was not to “bitch”…I just said that it took a couple of days…that’s all. Sorry if you read into my typed message anything else. Did not mean to say anything other than a couple of days have passed since the incident. Although I did hear the parents of the high school would like to have had the same call to their houses that the Middle School kids got since many of the kids from there walk right past that area on their way home.

My kid’s in high school and I got the call.

I know of at least three families that did not.

I know of at least three families that did not.[/quote]

Perhaps those families don’t have voice mail or an answering machine (or they’re not on the list)? Just speculating here. The automated call out system hits all parents at once.

I thought of that after. And maybe a kid answered the phone…and like mine quickly forget there was an important message…