RCMP and all their Xmas Lights?

Around six or six thirty my lady and I were coming home and a part of 2nd.ave was all lite up . Does anyone know what was going down ?

It was a “Candy Cane Lane”, so to speak.

Because of where it was located I just drove around it. I thought it was an accident scene

I also thought it was an accident so I didn’t turn right in my right turning lane and zipped ahead and turned into the liquor store parking lot. In the process I had to be quick as there was someone in the left straight lane…and so I almost caused an accident. After I realized what I did I went to the police and told them what happened and told them it was a bad place to set this up…they said at least one other person complained. Ridiculous set up…

They always set up in this spot.

Well maybe next year they should consider moving up the street a little. It was very dark and rainy and just because they always set up there doesn’t make it a good spot.