Raptor 36 loud

Does anyone have a raptor 36g hard drive?
Mine is annoyingly loud, its driving me crazy.

And the funny things is, if i hit, well tap hard my case a few
times the sound goes away for 20secs, then comes back.

Stop tapping it and go buy a new one. Sounds like it’s going to die soon.

But then again… I don’t know jack about hard drives.

Raptors have a fairy high pitched whine to then. If you’re tqapping your case and the sound goes away, it is probbaly a loose cable or screw vibratig on the inside of the case. You’ll have to use thos elittle tie straps and sucht o zip your cables tgether and suspend thm away from other components. If it’s your hard drive cage that is making the sound, ylou might want to invest ina case like the Antec Sonata, which uses rubber gromments and washers to mount sall fans, hard drives and cd drives etc etc.

Dammit, why didn’t I think of that?

Lol thats probly it, i think i only have one screw holding it in, my maxtor diamond 250 has no screws…

Maybe i should Screw them

Wouldn’t that be a lil uncomfortable?

yeah screw them in or buy some rubber shock wahsers that will reduce some vibration’s for ya…

I’ve always wanted to build a airtight computer case and then pump all the air out of it. That’d take care of most of the noise, but I’m not sure it would do cooling any good. Hehe. It’s a nice thought though.

vacuum = well insulating? i think you’d toast your stuff pretty quick.