Random police stop setting record straight

Hello All… There was a topic earlier in regards to a random traffic stop done by a police officer.

I reliaze that when people are stopped by a police officer it may seem like an eternity, and I’m sorry if the person involved in this incident felt it was an eternity. The actual time, from the time the police officer(me) pulled up behind the vehicle and the vehicle drove away was 5 minutes. At 0935 hours our dispatch was advised of the traffic stop and at 0940 dispatch was advised the traffic stop was complete and about 30 seconds prior to that the vehicle had driven away. This information would likely be available through the freedom of information act or you can ask the driver to post the actual recording he has of the incident. There is nothing to hide and that is the reason I am posting on here about this. Misinformation is the root to most of societies problems.

Prior to this traffic stop the police officer had never met the driver. The driver posted a link to a alleged grow-op warrant that was falsely execute, I don’t know all the intimate details of this event and will not comment on what happened. What I do want to point out though is that this incident happened in 2008, You would be hard pressed to find many (there are a few) officers who are still in Prince Rupert that were posted here at that time and news like that doesn’t get passed on when the new officer arrives in Rupert. I hope this puts everyone at ease that people aren’t getting pulled over for great lengths of time without reason.

Thanks to all the people who support the police and help them do their jobs.

Thanks for taking the time post here Sir/Madame. :smile:

I too supported the RCMP.

Welcome to HTMF, truthis.

Good to know that members are out patrolling the industrial area. I’ve heard that there are on-going problems with break and enters, theft and drug activity.

The tomato/pot growing dude sounds like he’s telling fishing stories because of his obtuse personal issues with the RCMP. He’s a drama queen and should get over it already. You’re right, how many members from that time are still here? Almost none, I bet. More to the point, how many trucks have been stolen from the industrial area since his little episode in 2008?

Ok, now all of you who thought that wfme was unfairly treated based on what he told you, now’s your chance to tell the RCMP member responsible what you really think.

There’s a moral to this story.

Thanks officer for a job well done.

“All”? ಠ_ಠ

two things i’m sure of. 1: we wont hear the recording supposedly made of the incident and 2: the complainant won’t
sack up and apologize for making a crisis out of trivia.

Thanks to the officer for responding to the post.


Thanks to the officer for responding to the post.[/quote]

Indeed. Let us keep this topic civil, Folks.

Is sad that the police have to defend what seems like a very routine traffic stop.
With all the cell phone cameras around today, it is impressive how few negative events are captured on video because sure as heck a large amount of the time someone has a camera pointed at them every time they do anything.

Since we’rer telling the truth here in spite.of my comments I do appreciate the work the good cops do. Its a shame youre all.forcibly lumped together with the head kicking immigrant tasering back of.the head shooting asshat officers and are unable to speak out against them. So please if you are one of the good cops dont take offense to my comments. Until you guys are able to voice your opinions I have no choice but to paint the entire force with the same brush as I cant tell the difference.

So true as the saying goes " 1 guy farts, the whole crowd stinks "!

Thank you jesus!

i must say you have balls to post that on here…good on you…hopefully your boss dont bust your balls.

WFME…your silence is deafening…

5 minutes is not 20 minutes.

5 minutes is nothing. If you thought it was too long, you could just ask him why it took 5 minutes.

But honestly, 99% of the mounties I’ve dealt with are normal people. If they’re taking a long time, ask them what’s taking so long. You’d be surprised how far a polite and friendly conversation can get you. You’re dealing with people who do a job that has people shooting at them for no reason. They’re going to be defensive. Heck, I know I would be. Just be reasonable and a nice guy, and you’ll be fine 99% of the time.[/quote]

WFME…your silence is deafening…[/quote]

Would you like to post a rebuttal, w.f.m.e?

Better yet, how about the audio file of the exchange or at least a transcription so we can all grab a stopwatch.

I support the RCMP and the force has done very good in the last 18 months so far as I’ve seen. Especially with officer disposition and friendliness in Prince Rupert. The best thing an officer can do is be vigilant yet approachable to ease relations with civvies.

The only area the RCMP needs to work is fining elderly people on fixed income for harmless, simply forgetful traffic infractions. Other than that I applaud your support of the peace and the new, friendly and long term officers of Prince Rupert.

And thank you for communicating so openly. It’s really nice to see.

Who are these random police that stop setting the record straight? What are they afraid of?

Seriously, though ,we should be proud of their dedication to their job. I am glad for the job they do.

I wish I added that he was polite and professional !! the time he took my papers till the time I got them back was close to five min. I will admit to this but we had a conversation about harassment and if I felt that way I could talk to his boss on Monday this took place before I gave him my license .may be yes sir would have been the correct avenue I’m sorry it’s gone this far.

I see, but, in your other post you made a huge deal out of it and said the officer detained you for 20 minutes.

So you were exaggerating quite a bit. And it is only when the officer calls you on it that you tell the truth. I really appreciate the attitude of the officer and the way he handled himself in this situation.