Random Disconnects

Is anyone else getting periodic disconnects from Citywest, they occur every like I dunno 12-20 minutes and last 1-2 minutes each?

Or is this my fisher price router. lol

I’m getting them as well.  I love the top notch service we’ve been getting the the “new” upgrades. :unamused:

sounds like fun, :frowning: DAM

yes, everyone is getting the disconnects.

and with some users it is completely disconnected.

I visited a client’s house & all of her equipment was properly functioning but her connection with Citywest couldn’t stay up.

Not everyone is getting them… I haven’t and it looks like HTMF is good. Stop hating…start representing…  :smiley:

Getting them big time this morning at work.

The internet works just fine for 5 minutes, then doesn’t work for a minute, then works fine for 5 minutes.

It’s pretty painful, not even mentioning what this is doing to my arena rating :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine turned out to be a faulty modem (kept disconnecting).  Replacing the modem fixed it.

my disconnects are due to a crappy $40 Router (DLink 524) and rope a dope modem from citywest that was ‘refurbished’ or some ish

was getting them too and Citywest had to replace the modem and power cord twice  for me

I have replaced my modem twice in the last two years because of this… it always happens about 5-7 months with in connection of my new modem, now it is doing it with my speedlink modem. my first two modems were Gnet… i’m beginning to think it is my router  :confused:

that is what I thought it was too but then I looked at the internet light on my speedtouch modem and all the lights were going off and Dave at Citywest said my modem was rebooting by itself

I had the exact same problem,

My modem would shut off at 8 PM every night. had to get it replaced twice. now it stays up but they had to “cap” me at 2.5 Megabits so that the “modem” stays “stable”

l o l

I’ve been capped for a long time. My connection would reset over and over until they did. The reason they gave me was that it was because I live near the limits of how far dsl can transmit from the main office. That’s why I was interested to hear about CityWest going to cable internet in Rupert. Cable doesn’t suffer from the same limitations.

yeah hopefully we can jump on the cable wagon soon :smiley:

This just started happening to me.
Random disconnects at random intervals none lasting more than a minute.
The service at Citywest really has gone down a few notches. Which is kind of sad seeing as really there is only two things that give them the upper hand in the larger markets. Customer service and the fact that they’re local. First its the cell service, now internet service is suffering more than before too?

Might just be a bad modem.  Have you called them?  They’re pretty good about fixing things.

I had the same problem at work and a modem swap fixed it.

Last couple days have been brutal…it happened when I was in a World of Warcraft battlegroup pwning some noobs =P I was not a happy camper.

Seems to be alright now though.

I was just told that all of 7th ave east was just replaced. Humm, wonder if that will help others.