Rainforest books

This is one business I really like in PR.  Gord and his wife are such nice people and always willing to help out with finding books but they are also huge supporters of the local writers and musical talent.  Gord often offers his store up for readings and once i even had a thai massage there.  Tonight they were down at the waterfront with all the cd of local artists.  Kudo’s to this business. 


Do I detect sarcasm from those little dots?  :wink:

I studder OK…

Agreed. I like theyre business, local owners and really nice people.
I try to support them every chance I get… :smile:

I LOVE RAINFOREST BOOKS!!! If they don’t have the book you are looking for Gord and his staff will bring it in!!! Even if it is a hard to find book!!! And if you can’t make it in to order a book you can do it on the stores website or even call it in!! Great business to have in town!! Hope it doesn’t go the way of some of the other small businesses in Rupert!