Rainforest Books closing

Sad to see another business closing in town. Good Luck to everyone and thank you for the years of great reading and friendly service. Have to pop in for your awesome sale !

Sign of the times…bookstores can’t seem to make it anymore and will eventually be gone completely, just like video stores.

The video store has closed up and moved away too.

Sad to think but true that book stores are now obsolete, another empty retail space. I was not aware that the video store had already left.

Very sad news about Rain Forest Books. It is extremely difficult for brick and mortar book stores to compete with on-line giants like Amazon.

It’s very sad. Nothing like curling up with a good book, a real book and love renting videos too. I don’t subscribe to the movie channels and no Netflix either. I see Teddy’s is also closing?

the digital age makes the purchase of cds etc obsolete as well… so guess it was time for Teddy’s to pack it in too. Like many others I shop online and let the post office/ courier deliver things like computers and tvs. I have not bought a cd in many years nor rented a movie, its on on uyou tube or other online source Guess this is progress and online prices are hard to beat

I just find it sad, progress or not, nothing beats family businesses and the customer service and support. I still buy CD’s quite often, just bought the newest Jann Arden at WallyMart for $12. I don’t really watch that many movies but hopefully our cinemas won’t be a new age casualty.

Oh crap! Really?! We rent an instrument with them. Bad news indeed. When is Teddy’s closing?


Oh crap! Really?! We rent an instrument with them. Bad news indeed. When is Teddy’s closing?[/quote]

I’m sorry “hitest”, I’m not sure. They have a closing out sale happening now though.


Oh crap! Really?! We rent an instrument with them. Bad news indeed. When is Teddy’s closing?
I’m sorry “hitest”, I’m not sure. They have a closing out sale happening now though.[/quote]

Thanks “codybear933”, I am very sorry to hear this. I will swing by and see them sometime this week. :frowning:

No, you’re wrong. Amazon beats them hands down. Cheaper prices, great return policies, great customer service, “free” 2 day shipping. Compare that to the usual overpriced family business where “we don’t have it but we can order it and have it in 2 weeks”. Well I can order it too, cheaper, and have it here in 2 business days.

I’m sorry but there is a reason a lot of the business in rupert, and the north in general are closing and a lot has to do with their ability to service their customers needs.

When I can order building materials online from home depot at half the price, have them here in the same time frame as the local stores along with fast, knowledgeable answers to any questions why would I shop local?

I can order my auto parts at half the cost online as well, with great customer service, and knowledgeable answers.

Business in the north are going to keep dying until they can 1) get a better supply chain 2) get better staffing 3) find a way to serve their customers better than the likes of amazon.

It’s a new world now and its finally working in the customers favor. I have a browser addon that automatically compares prices of online retailers and gives me the lowest prices with shipping costs from the comfort of my couch.

Most business up here don’t even have a website or know why they’d need one, and the ones that do don’t feel the need to have inventory or even pricing on them. Hell some don’t even have their bloody business hours on the page.

I grew up in the north, I know how customers were treated before the internet and in the early days when shipping costs were high. I feel a great sense of justice when I see some of the businesses here struggling today. Its about damn time they get some payback from years of screwing over their customers as the only option in town.

I speak not of rainforest books or any of the businesses talked about here but we all know the names of a few that fit the bill of what im talking about. I’ve heard nothing but high praise for rainforest books so its a shame to see them go as with any other good business but unfortunately thats just the way things go sometimes.

I will shop in local stores and even pay more for convenience if I get good customer service, can find what im looking for in stock, and am not treated like they are entitled to my business because they are local. I find myself even buying online from walmart rather than the store due to lack of reliable stock. I mean if the damn shelf is continuously empty you might want to order more of the fucking product at some point.

I have to admit, after reading your post, I actually agree with you “jesus” on all points! I honestly was more saddened by Rainforest Books closing than anything else, I do love a good book and as I do most of my shopping online now also, I will have to include books to my never ending sites ! I wonder if we, in the north, tend to settle for what we have here. Poor customer service (WalMart specifically), low inventory, poor quality and higher prices. Not everywhere in town but half the cashiers and staff in WalMart appear robotic. The thought of a smile or a courteous word seems a foreign concept !

Those of you out there who STILL rent physical DVD’s…you can always hit up RedBox at Safeway…$1.99 for 1 night rentals.

As for Teddy’s…I remember buying CD’s there when I was a teenager, that is literally the last time I have been there though however.

Times are changing, video/audio/book type stores are closing all over the country.

If you like online shopping install priceblink for your browser I usually end up going with amazon because of shipping speed but its nice to see cheaper prices if you arent in a rush.

I’ve been shopping on-line for over twenty years for many of the same reasons as jesus.

While stores here were selling their products at a reasonable price, if you ordered they always wanted to add on shipping costs. Even back then I could order on-line and get shipping free. If the overall cost was close to the local price I would endeavour to buy local.

I bought a laser printer recently. I shopped on-line and found a nice wireless Canon for $89 plus $20 shipping. Called locally and found the same printer and the store sent a picture with the cost listed at $149. Even though it was more expensive I was willing to pay the price to buy locally. When I went to pay at the store I was told the price was $199. Needless to say they recognized my unwillingness to pay that much and agreed on the $199. Previously I’ve had merchants under similar circumstance unwilling to match or even come close to my preferred price, even chastising me for buying on-line. In such cases I never shopped at those merchants ever again.

getting ripped off locally gets really old, been there and done it a lot pre online days. thank goodness for the new era of online shopping …
I started ordering from walmart.ca and loveit, use sports check, future shop and a quite few others gone are the days of relying on shafty local mercants… I only buy groceries locally now days, all else is online or Terrace and south

Hopefully it doesn’t come off as insensitive to suggest another local book seller in this thread–but since Rainforest is closing and the talk has shifted to Amazon and price inflation by local businesses, I think I’m safe.

To anyone who wants to shop locally for books, I can’t recommend Eddie’s News enough. I haven’t stumped them yet with a book request, the books arrive quickly with no shipping cost, and they offer a blanket discount off the cover price (either 10 or 15%, I think it’s 15).

Wow, that place is still alive?

Well I buy furniture locally at city furniture find them great… and as I said Groceries Eddies and is great and Gary’s Lock but outside there of that we don’t have much in decent retail here.