Rain Liquor Violation

A while ago, everyone was passing judgement and rumours regarding a possible liquor violation at Rain.

Well, I have the truth for you, and it’s not as terrible as you might think.

The violation occured on a busy Friday night.  A liquor board “spy” came in and sat down and ordered several drinks without food.  The food/drink ratio was off, and that was the violation.  No minors being served, nobody being terribly over-served and driving away gooned, etc.  It was just a simple overlook on a busy night.  And there you have it.

… and now you know… the rest… of the story.

majority of food primary violations is restaurants trying to be bars instead of restaurants, if they want to be bars get a liqour primary license and become a pub

Isn’t rain a lounge??? And isn’t a lounge different than a restaraunt?

I’m probably wrong, but I think they have a restaurant license for certain hours, and a lounge license for later hours?

A few years ago I took my babysitter in for her 19th birthday and when she presented her status card she was refused alchoholic beverages.  We were informed that status cards are not legal ID.  The next day I called the BCLCB in Victoria for clarification as to what is considered legal ID and was informed that yes, it can be used.

When I called the manager the next day to inform her of her staffs oversight when refusing to serve my friend, she offered no apology - just attitude. 

If management can’t take the time to inform their staff as to the legalities regarding proper ID, it’s not surprising that they have the BCLCB on their asses.

i call bullshit i know  of lots of people who have drank there underage for the ignorant no personality guy

Sounds like the following thread is due for another go around;

At a time when people are increasingly eating in their cars out of styrofoam containers, I’m happy that Rupert still has a good selection of locally owned and unique cafes and restaurants.

Sooo, Decided to take a walk tonight with my dog, and walked past rain, and have noticed that there is yet another liquor license suspension sign up in the door. Noww this was not up two or three nights ago…well, at least I did not see it, I’m not sure how long this has been up? does anyone know :S  it even states Why they are suspended… That is a great way to stop rumors :smile:  But, at least the kitchen is still open :smile: 

so whats the reason for the suspension on the sign?

Yeah, we’re all waiting to halt the rumours… :smiley:

whatever the reason is i still will never go there . he takes forever to get your food so you sit there for an 1/2 drinking. plus hes just not a nice guy

Who is he decker?  I have never been in there, but maybe they make you wait for your food as they make more money off the booze.  :smiley:  I heard the portions were tiny and the prices NOT !!

your right about the prices and portions tries to make it like its an upscale big city dining room . with it being an anonymous site are you allowed to say names? most people in town know who he is what he does

Well, how pretentious, you’d think they’d know that up here fine dining means “all you can eat”.

thats the whole point of a Dining " Lounge " get liquored, by some appy’s.

The suspension that we’ve been talking about for a long time just finally got enforced last night.  I’m pretty sure this isn’t “another” one.

What was the violation?

Now, For the second time in TWO nites that I have walked past.this is yet another different sign. It say’s right on the door not their exact words that is because of two unknown Chances employee’s walked in to rain, highly intoxicated.The “the person working unknown” called a cab for the two people and sat them at the door of rain inside the establishment an waited for around 25 minutes for the cab where the rain worker, had Escorted the two Chances Employee’s out to the taxi, and made sure they were on there way. During that 25 minutes of these chances people in rain,there were two undercover liquor inspector ((people)) that were there at the time. hmm. it continues into more detail’s on the sign’s as there are two bigger writings that are you saying ““Because”” and then a three page write up…  and to be very “Patriotic” and Very Loving, it say’s at the very end…

                                “”"“I Love This Country”"""

to me it was a set up, lol, chances wants all the business in this town.