RAID advice

Hi folks,

I’m building a DIY iSCSI SAN/NAS for home. The wife has been moaning about having to delete her legally obtained downloads, or spending a lot of time burning stuff to DVD for archive. But I’ve suffered optical media degredation personally, and I think the only real answer is a box with a bunch of disks in it. I could go BlueRay as the drives have dropped to under $250, and media is under $10. But its still optical media.

I haven’t decided on Linux or FreeNAS yet (I don’t like OpenFiler’s iSCSI performance), but I interested if anyone out there has purchased a recent true hardware based RAID card and what your experiences with the open source OOBE has been. I’m leaning heavily towards the Adaptec 5805 which has a decent XOR’ing engine and its HCL appears to support most of the new 1.5 and 2TB “green” disks. It’s also on both the HCL lists for BSD7 and 2.6 linux kernels, and sits around $500 delivered.

Any suggestions out there?

Oh yeah, must support at least 8 SATA2 disks and do RAID 5 in hardware and be any lane revision of PCIe.