Raid 0 OR Fast Hdd

So i have a g5 on the way I just ordered 4 gigs of ram 4 x 1 gig sticks Now i want to get more speed for it… My ideas are

Buy a Western Digital / Raptor / 74GB / 10K / 8MB / SATA-150 / OEM / Hard Drive
Or  do a raid setup with 2 hard drives

What would be the ideal situation for a Dual 2.0gig g5

Any ideas ?

how bout 2 raptors running RAID0?  thats as fast as it gets…

I run a RAID 0 on my dual G5.  But I also have another drive and server for backup.  RAID 0 is doubling your chances of hard drive failure with no redundancy – make sure you backup often. 

I’ve set a cronjob to rsync to my backup server every night.

I guess i could raid to raptors and then buy a external 200 gig hdd and use it as fw800. I usually back up my profile to a extra hard drive but it is hard to do when the g5 only holds 2 hard drives.

I could just buy one raptor and then a 300gig sata for storage…

You can fit more hard drives in there.  Maybe a big ATA one on the same channel as the optical drive – just need to mount it – use an old PCI card or something to attach it to.

Nah i don’t want to put a ata hard drive in there… I’ll just buy the 74gig raptor and buy a 300 gig or something for storage… It’s weird i have never bought a huge hard drive nothing over 80 gigs.

Now to start downloading my CSI’s and other shows i guess. 

I was going to raid, but after some research on the net it didnt really do much.
In some cases it actually slowed things down.

in some cases, RAID will slow down your system.  For example, RAID1 (Mirroring) will slow down your system, since its writting ALL the data to two harddrives at once.  Now RAID0 isn’t technically RAID under the proper definiton (redundant array of inexpensive disks), since there is no redundantcy.  It is striping data across two or more disk, so that its taking the tranfer/read speeds of more than one disk, and doubling it, making it faster. RAID1-5 all run on the same principal… Data security.  If one harddrive goes, then you can just replace that one drive, without backing up, since RAID is always backing up.