Raffles onfire?

Someone posted that on FB. Any confirmation on this?

Stupid ppl got nothing to do in thier lifes so the start talking outta their A**! LOL Rumors

Well, something was going on down there. 1 firetruck but no panic going on, so must have been something minor.

Love the post icon.

Lots of smoke, no real fire. lol

The electrical is shot in the building. They had to take all the electric appliances out of the rooms because wires kept shorting and starting fires in the ceilings. A good portion of the guests smoke and drink and tend to fall asleep and burn holes in their clothing and the bedding and its only a matter of time until it is bigger than that. I hope no lives are lost but i believe its only a matter of time till this place goes up in flames.

I heard some one was hot kniving hash…

Yeah I was told there is some Hash in town .

Isn’t hash made from Marijuana?

I hope that place NEVER burns down my wife and i love going there for breakfast. and their staff is so nice to us