Radical eco-terrorist Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd society in the news again

Mostly I just wanted to post this so that maybe the Sea Shepherd Society will have a better shot at being the number one Google result for “radical eco-terrorists”.

Anyhoo, they’re still causing shit in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

If I had one wish it would be too see Paul Watson go down on the Sea Shepherd  :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh fuck!


They’ve got Macgyver on their side!

Guess they didn’t know about the Canada-EU agreement on fisheries patrol.  Both Canada and the EU have agreed that Canadian and European authorities have the right to board (and inspect and arrest) both Canadian and European vessels on Canada’s Atlantic coast, even in international waters.

You often see European fisheries patrol vessels in St. John’s harbour, which is really weird.

They should have registered it in Panama or Liberia like everybody else!

Edit:  then again, it says the vessel was boarded in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  Not “international waters” when fishing is concerned.

LOL, didn’t do them much good against that lonely ole Coast Guard vessel…

guess he’s lost a step or two since syndication…

Well, at least he has a sense of humour:

He posted the $10000 bail for his two arrested crew members with 5000 toonies.

it would have been ace if he had used 10000 loonies