Question re Petronas project

Hi everyone. Assuming the Pacific Northwest project gets approved, what kind of timeline will they follow? Will managers and workers start coming into town within a month or two? Or will there be a longer period of groundwork before the bulk of the workers arrive? Any thoughts welcome!

No idea but I guess housing prices just jumped again

I have been noticing ATCO like trailers, they could be ATCO, during the early hours of the day parking at the Galloway Rapid bridge pullout. This morning I saw another 2 or 3 turning at the Ridley Island turn off. Looked like the housing style. Work Camp?

Assuming a positive FID next month by Petronas, major work cannot begin until Petronas received their federal Environmental Assessment certificate. Most news outlets are saying that the federal portion of the environmental assessment will be wrapped up by May 2015, so major work cannot begin until that time.

In the meantime though, work continues on the work camp area (located in Port Edward), but that has been going on for over a month already.