Queen Charlotte Regional District

I agree in some ways about the First Nations situation, but my question about our money-wasting regional district then becomes - why, oh why, does Dodge Cove and Oona River - which have non-First Nations populations of less than 100 people each I believe - NEED TO HAVE their own representative at a regional district table??? Surely all the non-incorporated areas could have one representative??? One of these communities has a population of 37 and we are going to pay thousands just for one person from there to attend meetings every month in Prince Rupert? There is something wrong here.

I would also love to hear from someone about whether there is any reason for the QCI and PR to be bundled together in a regional district. Has this regional district EVER done ANYTHING as a region? As far as I can see it is very much divided QCI-PR - as far as services and tax dollars go.  What does the regional district actually DO that another level of government could not? IMHO it is a make-work project for a small staff and a bunch of politicians.