Quantum of Solace

Looks incredible…

firstshowing.net/2008/06/30/ … r-trailer/




But dumb name.

I like how with the Daniel Craig reboot they got away from the killer sun rays and invisible cars. More story, less gadgets.

I’ve also read online that the new movie is a continuation of the last, which makes sense given the title and Mr. White’s capture at the end. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is the first Bond that doesn’t have a stand alone plot.

Craig surprised me, I didn’t think he would be very good when he was cast for Casino Royale.

Oh man, that looks awesome! :sunglasses:  I’m a huge Bond fan…Craig gives Connery a run for his money:-)

My problem with the Casino Royale remake is that for a large part of it, I felt like I was watching poker on Sportsnet or something.

Doesn’t that happen with most movies you watch?

I finally got a chance to watch the trailer yesterday and as far as I’m concerned, Christmas is coming a little early this year.