Qftn passangers need your suppost

We have to go the court house here in Rupert get this BC ferries Lawyers are questioning us but not the ones that were on the bridge.
They have went to my job and got all files on me and how much I made last year, plus got every record I have had at the doctors office, now they want to no how much SEX I have had in the last 3 years this is unfare to the passangers, how can question us… we did not do anything wrong.
As a passanger of the queen of the north I am asking everyone that can to please go to the courthouse on Wednesday Feb 18th &19th… Scream do anything to get those lawyers to here us… this is wrong and we want justice…
I will also be trying to get a hold of the cftk tv… we will have everyone there…
please pass this to all your friends… I have to be there before 9.30 am I will be in the court house but would love to here you all and  see picture’s of all the people …


Why are lawyers interested in your medical condition and personal details such as financial status and the amount of time you have sex?

Have they given you any indication what they are doing this for or what they are tyring to determine, seems kind of a strange way of seeking information.

Not sure how anything about the passengers of the vessel would have to do with the sinking of the vessel.

Were you a crew member on the vessel at the time or just a passenger.

Need a bit more detail on this one, seems kind of strange and something that would no doubt be of interest to the provincial and national media.

Are you sueing BC Ferries? I can’t wrap my head around why you would have to discuss anything with a lawyer. It sounds to me like you are taking part in an examination for discovery as part of a lawsuit.

there is a class action case  on going right now, no I was not working on the ferry, I was a passanger.
BC Ferries is doing everything they can to not pay anyone out for the damages they have did… I have no idea why they want all this information, but the judge has rules in there favor. and that is all I am asking is a favor from all of you guys, is to get the goverment to here us… the settlement they have offered us is a slap in the face.
pleae go to facebook and go to groups SINKING OF THE QUEEN OF THE NORTH… you will be able to understand it better there… oh and please sign the petition…
thank you again

Have someone contact BCTV, CTV, CBC and the Province and Sun, seems like a wee invasion of privacy on the part of the BC Ferries lawyers if what you have portrayed is true.

Not sure that they have any entitlement to any of your personal details in the quest of a class action suit settlement.

It’s been all over the news…

cbc.ca/canada/british-columb … offer.html

Is part of the claim for damages based on damages to your health (physical, emotional and financial) that the sinking caused?  

Well I certainly feel for everyone who was involved in the sinking. I’m not surprised to hear the company is lowballing though. That’s pretty standard for civil suits. I have to say that what they are asking from you is also very standard for civil suits.

well i worked for the ferries during the sinking. got off a few days b4. wife woulda been on working but she was off on maternity.l ffeel for everyone involved. me and the wife and about 15-20 co workers have left since then.very little was done for the crew also if anything at all.

so goodluck on that

I totally understand why they’re being jerks, for sure.

But if you’re making a claim that the sinking has had a negative effect on your health, then they’ll want to prove that it hasn’t.  Same with your social and emotional health.  Same with your financial health, and your work performance, etc.

So yeah, they’re being jerks.  Sure they’re asking for private information.  But your claim is based on private information, isn’t it?

Yeah I think the Ferry’s are probably justified.

There is private and there is private!  I can understand them asking for medical files but the doctors should only provide information that is pertinent to the case (like prescription for painkillers, anti- depressants and sleeping pills,  psychological assessment that would be linked to the tragedy, etc.).  Sex life???  Why?  I honestly can’t see the relevance of this one.
It’s not like they can deny the sinking!!!

However,  is the class action a reasonable one?  Well, from the article, the BC Ferries offer isn’t reasonable so it seems for now that the passengers are in the right to demand good compensation. 
What I don’t get here is that BC Ferries will probably end up paying the lawyers more than what a reasonable first offer would have cost.  Too bad that they are going to get the already distraught survivor even more angry.   

Sex life???  Why?  I honestly can’t see the relevance of this one. [/quote]

What if some of the claimants are claiming the sinking has had a negative effect on their sex lives?

No, they’re just being lawyers and trying to show the damage is less than claimed.

I think they’re taking a gamble, and want to try and paint the damages as being minimal.  Hence all the invasive questions.

You should make all the calls to the media outlets get on the radio CFNR CHTK, BC Ferries does not want to have to pay. You should get one of you in the group to be a spokesperson go interviews on the tv and radio.  This sucks, but BC Ferries has a lot of money behind ( I think govt dollars are in here somewhere) Has your group tried to sue all the Board of Directors en mass  that is always a good route to take. I will try to be there. I know of several people who are now exemployees because of the ferry sinking. BE Ferries did not take care of their employees most if not all have Post Tramautic Stress Disorder. How come the “bridge” crew are not fessing up to what actually happened?
Good luck with your calss action law suit.

quite a few of the crew that were on board did quit and lots that werent working that day quit also . and 95% didnt recieve anything . was a hassle for most to get anything for items that were on the ship at the time.bridge crew isnt saying anything because they are not allowed to as far as i know all crew signed  off and said theu would not talk about it .

Suing for what exactly?

A closet lawyer AND clinical psychologist is in our midst. What tests have you done on the crew to determine that “most if not all have PTSD”?

I feel for the original poster, it does suck they have to go through all this–but it will pay off. My only advice is to be careful what advice you take… your legal council should be your point of contact about privacy issues, not forumers.

Couldn’t agree more with that advice.

What I understand about class action suits is that it is advanteous to the large group to sue rather than have each person because individual court costs will eat away any compensation.  The disadvantage is that everybody is treated equally.  Some people will have suffered a great deal from this event and others less so.  The defendant - BC Ferries - is trying to pay out as if everybody had the same minimal negative experience.  Perhaps the people who have been traumatized the most should be asking their lawyer if they would be better off suing separately.

Having said all that, I am reminded of the the old “dare you” games.  Give you five bucks if you eat a worm, 100 bucks if you run naked through the street.

I have no idea how I would have reacted both long and short term if I had been on the Queen of the North.  But would I go through it for $2500.  No way!  This is not a frivolous lawsuit.  Good luck on getting the compensation you deserve.


I meant to say most if all may be suffering from PTSD … I have some very good friends who are going thru a lot ( staff and ex staff from BC Ferries) lets just say that I don’t think BC Ferries is doing a whole to help the crew deal with this stuff.  Did I satisfy your curiosity now  … ( not that it really matters to me)