Purchasing a bell cellphone not from citywest

I have question about cellphones.

On ebay you can buy brand new bell phones that are fairly cheap, and that way you don’t need the contract. I emailed citywest and they said that as long as it’s a bell system it should work with city west. It just has to "meet the credit criteria in order to install the service. "

does anyone know what the credit criteria are?

You can go into any Wireless Wave or Costco and buy a Solomobile pay and go. Then call them and ask for a no contract monthly account later. Solo=Bell.
I broke mine and it was only $79 to buy a new phone.
Don’t expect deals with no contract. Loaded up my website, after a couple minutes only the top menu came in so I shut the thing off and never used the browser again. That got a charge of 59c and the stated rate was $32.50Mb. That’s $130,000.00 to watch a movie…

Basically you just have to have established a good credit history - pay your bills on time, not be delinquent on accounts.  If you already have service with CityWest then they’ll consider what your payment history has been like with them.  If you’re always getting your cable unhooked because you don’t pay your bill for months at a time, then you’re going to have to pay a deposit.

I was told by citywest that is has to be CDMA in order to install and work correctly with their system. I purchased a great phone from ebay without problems

Yes, CDMA phones on Citywest, GSM on Rogers.

You can get cheap Pay-as-you-go CDMA phones from Bell, or from President’s Choice, or even Virgin Canada.  They should all work just fine on the Citywest network.

Edit:  The Twitter says that Citywest cellphones are down today.  True?

you seem to be right. No wonder my phone hasnt rung today.Thanks

Well, twitter says Citywest phones should be back now:


your right    thanks