Puppy sitters

Is there anywhere in town to board dogs? Besides the SPCA?  If you can, please provide a contact number!! thank you  :smile:

I believe the vet still does and then there are a few very reliable people who will dog sit for you, come in a few times a day and care for your dog.  If you are interested in that, there is Jan Palmer and I can PM you her # if you like ! There is also a great place in Terrace where friends of mine board their big dog in the summer when they go away.  He just loves it, has kids to play with and all ! I can get that name if you like, can’t remember it off hand !

I would prefer someone local - I hate driving to terrace!! :stuck_out_tongue:  I would like her number, thank you!

I’d look after the pom

Yeah, the vet still boards animals, our cat goes there when we go away for the weekend.

There is a nice woman on 5th East and Green St that sits dogs.

somewhere on htmf i remember reading something to do with dogs and i thought mcsash sat dogs?? 

just dont leave the garage door opener in the garage with the dogs!  :wink:

DO NOT board animals at the vet.  We came back two days early to find our dog matted in feces, smelly and shaking.  Called the groomer and he had to cut out the feces, I guess they didn’t realize we might come back early.  The dog clearly had been neglected.  Now we spend the same money and have a responsible person house sit and look after the dog, they appreciate the cash and we appreciate not coming home to a sad sad situation.

Thats horrible!! :cry:

We’ve found someone to stay at our house and look after the zoo :smile:  Thank you to everyone who replied though - much appreciated  :smile:

So glad you found someone and I hope you have a wonderful vacation  :smiley:

Good that Stackedsports found someone to house & pet sit.
I am looking for a house and cat sitter too for end of July to end of August.
Anybody know anyone? PM me.

That’s sad about the Vet.

We bring our cat there, and he comes home just fine.

Lotsa cats n dogs around Rupert.  Someone should start a business exclusively for these two animals.

Example here is this Cat Hotel I’ve seen on Global TV.

That may be a profitable business if run properly as a lot of people require pet sitting services + also house sitting services. Would be interesting to see someone tackle it… any takers?

I have a responsible teen who has done pet/house sitting.  She’s just prefers houses that have wireless, so that she can bring her laptop :smile:  Maybe should should look at setting up a business.