Pulp mill/dock

So did anyone watch the city council meeting last nite?JM says that the city does own the dock,not what has been said around town…anyone really know what the truth is?

The whole area is being sold and were getting a Disneyland :smiley:

gonna be a new splashdown park huge waterslides , jetski rentals

yes city owns the dock area but the chemical plant area is still owned by SunWave, apparently when the Mayor and Rodin first said we didn’t own it they didn’t ask the ppl in the know first so as usual they spoke before knowing everything

Is this the chem. prep area of the actual mill, or the Hooker chemical storage area.
(I am not really clear whether the mill or Hooker actually owned the area.)
Strange that Sun Wave would want either one.

they have hookers out there?

not sure which one it is

My understanding from talking to one of the former technical guys at the mill is that Sunwave still owns the area where chemicals were off-loaded, adjacent to where logs were de-watered. It straddles the CNR track and includes part of the foreshore, a small area of water and what looks like a storage area on the mill side of the tracks.

Called Lot 4, it is highlighted on a map at this link: e-princerupert.com/Prince_Ru … Watson.htm

Posters who are in the know would have a better read of the situation, but land that has both water and rail access would seem to have some commercial potential. 

Hooker Chemicals owned that area for years,what happened when Sun Wave took over is unknown by me.