Public Nuisance part deuce

The individual in the wheel chair was right in the middle of the highway 4 lanes of traffic and he is wheeling down the road in front of me holding up traffic; I see the RCMP lights behind me and pull over.
The police car goes past me and behind the wheelchair dude and points to him too go to the side of the road, the wheelchair dude was in the second lane and had to go into first lane then the police car stopped behind the wheelchair dude who turned around and then tried to make a run, the police officer then pulled his car in front of wheelchair dude and cut him off. The police officer tells dude he needs to get on side walk, so guy wheels his chair up the street and fights to get on the curb the officer has pen to pad and watching the dude. Life in the city got to love it.

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good job richard…I think I stated on a previous post a 10 dollar bill for a posting of the chairmans picture…
very good

I’ll be at Tims 9:30 Am see ya there; I look just like my avatar.  :laughing:

i saw them pulled over, i was wondering what happened…

Our streets look Soo Gooddd , I was just thinking maybe it is because they got him off the streets and now people can see we are being bothgered by this idiot who put all at risk with his Bullshit. I hope mental health worker beats him with a cane or takes his wheelchair away from him. Well done with photo.

Public Nuisance

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I have also seen him pissing on the sidewalk… :angry:

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WTH? In the middle of the damn road?? He’s not a nuisance he’s a menace!

Oh nice pics 1970!!  Welcome aboard!!

This is ridiculous.  Disabled or not.  I hope the police can help put this guy off the road.  Maybe it’s time for a wheel locking device!

Agreed.  This is completely ridiculous and is becoming potentially deadly.  I hope this guy doesn’t get into an accident.

good stuff… this is my best  laugh of the day

I wonder if this is the same guy who got “caught” in the drain by the rupert hotel cold beer and wine a few years ago. Either way I had a good laugh.

push him over the rail so he really needs the wheelchair.

Went for a drive tonight and I got a few more good shots…  :astonished:

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You are the bomb bro or sis…I have told peole about him standing up pissing in that exact same spot…
my wife just asked what I was laughiing so loudly about…Thats awesome and I will let all the boyz at work know abou that one…

yet another person you need to pay now, this keeps up you’ll have to sell your house…

right you are podunk…right you are…I must say your on the ball…I will be at timmys at about 1040 am tomorrow handing out the cash…1970 and Richardo I owe…make me laugh and I look like my avatar…

today i saw him - on the sidewalk this time - going from parked car to parked car, looking in the window of each…lock yer doors.

Maybe next time you see something like that you might try to give the police a heads up.