PS 2 Verse Xbox 2

Ps2 is going to whip out xbox, just as i predicted that when xbox came out it was going to take over.

WHAT?! P_S_2 as in Playstation 2? Kinda out dated don’t you think? Xbox already is the faster, more capable console. What do you mean by ‘Ps2 is going to whip out xbox’, and why is your topic called ‘PS2 Verse Xbox2’, when you havn’t even mentioned Xbox 2? :unamused:


Lay off the crack pipe, will ya?

I’m having trouble seeing the point of starting a thread that contradicts its own title… OPpppps? What’s special about the Xbox2? Why argue a good product if you dont know anythign about it?

orangetang, you saw who wrote it… did you think it would make sense?

“im thinking that it not makes any sence or nothing” <yngwie language

wtf is a yngwie anyway?

It’s a person. A famous guitar-playing person.

I like X-Box, it programs the mind with little disturbance and lots of fun.

The XBox is sweet when you can pick up a broken one for $30 bucks, install Linux on it, and add VGA, HDTV, and digital audio ports to it. Soldering to surface mount boards is gay. … 13487.html

xbox is huge lol!

Actually, I think it’s funny that micros~1 won’t be calling the new thing an xbox2, 'cause like it will be competing with the PS3, and everybody knows that 3 is more than 2.

I disagree.

Two’s company, but three’s a crowd.

micros~1 won’t call it xbox2, since that will be seen as inferior to the PS3. Current rumour is that it will be called Xbox 360 (dude! it has 357 more Xs than the PS3, so it must be better!).

micros~1 is a great marketing company. I always thought they could put rocks in a box and call it “Windows 2005” and people would buy it, 'cause like, it has a bigger number, it must be better.

i have to agree with mig on that one
i see customers come in to zellers and pay, i think it is about $45 for the xbox system link cable. wich is just a length of standerd cat 5 cable colored black and microsoft printed on it

Well… we all know ethernet frames go faster if they’re inside a black cat 5 cable. Even faster if you put speed holes in it.

I should buy a x-box and use it for a webserver HUmmmmm