PRPA CEO looks back at 2011 and ahead to 2012

Looking back at 2011, Prince Rupert Port Authority CEO Don Krusel says it should be one of many record-breaking years to come in a bright future for the group and the region.

We’re all relying on you Don. Sure great to hear great things happening at the Port of Prince Rupert and Maher.

I remember I met Don briefly in the grociery store a few years back. He was standing at the water-station in Overwaitea filling up his large water container. He had to stand there for a a couple minutes to fill the container and he was staring at the water dispenser which had no markings other than the company sticker on the lower side. After watching the water filling up for a minute he looked over and smirked and noted: “They’re missing prime advertising space here.”

So funny, so true! :smiley: