ProtoWall stops mpaa, and music industries

I have been using ProtoWall for abit and wanted to share it with you, Protowall blocks ip’s Protowall only blocks IP’s (internet addresses) you instruct it to block, by giving it a list, or by entering them manually. It is not a firewall, or a replacement for one. It runs alongside a firewall without any problems. This software is free, and I would recomend downloading The Blocklist Manager, The Blocklist Manager is an application that downloads blacklists from various sources and exports them to applications such as: Protowall PeerGuardian ZoneAlarm Sygate Blockpost Kazaa Lite K++ eMule And many other popular P2P apps & firewalls
It is quickly becoming a Swiss army knife in network security with all the tools that have been added to it such as:

Angry IP Scanner
SmartWhois (downloaded separately)
AnalogX Simple Server
Aldo’s Hosts manager
Port Listener
and more to come…

The Blocklist Manager can simplify and automate many tasks for you. The Blocklist Manager can be set up to download, merge and export a list for you. It also includes a built in converter that allows you to convert to and from various formats. Some of these formats are listed below:

Generic IP
IP Chains
And many more
Im sure you will agree that this software will help keep unwanted people of you computer. I use for BitTorrent downloading. :smiley:

Hmm its nice and all (other than the fact that it keeps on wanting something.sys and I do all the things there stupid faq says). So I guess I’ll be sticking with PeerGuardian

ya had a problem with that thers a good FAQ on the website its easy to do
first go to your network properties look for Protowall Driver and delete it. then click the install botton in network properties and click add service point to the foulder that u unzipped protowall to then click onProtowall.sys it will ask you 3 times to upade the data base or something similar click yes each time when asked. thats it
here is the directions
After you have ran the ProtoWall.exe you will have to install the driver manually.

The ProtoWall Driver requires a manual install; here are the steps to take to install the driver.

  1. Start > Control Panel > Network Connections > There you should see Local Area Connections

  2. Now Right-hand click on the Local area connections and go to Properties.

  3. Here is where you need to install the ProtoWall driver.

If the ProtoWall Driver is installed in the window under "This connection uses the following items"
you will need to uninstall it first if you have never installed ProtoWall previously. You can do this by
highlighting the ProtoWall Driver and hitting the uninstall tab. Once the driver is uninstalled you can
continue with the ProtoWall manual driver install.

  1. Now hit install
  2. Select Network Component type screen should pop up.
  3. Highlight “Service” in that window, where it gives you 3 options,

1.Client, 2.Service, 3.Protocol

  1. Hit add
  2. Select Network Client should pop up

In this window “do not highlight the ProtoWall driver” that is in the window and Proceed to step #9

  1. On that screen you will have to hit the “Have Disk…” button
  2. Now a new screen should pop up “Install from Disk”
  3. On that screen hit “Browse…”
  4. You will need to browse to C:/Program
    Files/Dudez/ProtoWall and choose the driver for your Operating System,

for example

If you have an xp operating system choose the xp_driver folder and if you have win2k choose the win_2k driver folder.

  1. When you get to the xpdriver folder you will see 2 files

  2. ProtoWall

  3. Protowall_MP

  4. You will need to choose the ProtoWall.inf not the ProtoWall_mp.inf

  5. once you highlight the ProtoWall.inf you will need to hit the open button

  6. At this Point you will get a digital warning popup asking you if you want to install an unsigned driver
    you need to hit continue anyway for these warnings, Most users get 4 of these warnings

  7. At this point you should lose net connection while the driver installs but will be only for a few seconds

  8. The driver should be installed

If this does not work Please try this:

uninstall the ProtoWall Driver in network connections again.

Now in MyComputer browse to.
C:/ProgramFiles/Dudez/Protowall/ and rename the xp_driver forlder to xpdriver without the _ between xp and driver and try the manual install once more.
If this does not work please refer to the ProtoWall help file for further instructions.