Proposed animal by-law

Hey everyone, what do you all think of the new Animal bylaw the city is proposing to shove in? Do you think they should tell  us how many cats we should have or birds . That we can’t tie the dog to a post to go into a store? What kind of Cat problem do we have in this town? I have been away for a while … Is it as bad as they want us to believe? Should we pay for all the people who don’t take care of their animals? And thats just the start of it. If you drop a cat from a dock gantry does it land on its feet ? you tell the tale folks … what do ya think ?


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Too Freakin funny, where was that pic possibly taken, TFF

Food aid.

**I think every pet owner should come out and show a clear denial of support for this bylaw. I know I will. **

Section 501.1
*Section 501 shall mean that no household shall keep, own or harbour
more than a total of three dogs or cat
s, or a combination thereof. *
**and according to this bylaw Cityhall says:
** Anyone keeping, harbouring or sheltering more than three (3) cats or
dogs, or combination, shall apply for a “Kennelâ€

Oh by the way Jesus, this pic was a little further down the same road…must have been twins  :unamused:

Thanks for the input MMZ , there is a  public meeting on Monday the 26th at 7pm at city hall, for all those who want to let city hall what you think about the proposed bylaw. You can also submit a letter to city hall on their web sight . You all have a good day and hey !!! Watch out for those cats crossing the Road there…MISTER !!!

you can also call your city counselor too.

Take care CM

fuck the city and there bylaw! just for that i’m getting more animals! let them say something if they come in my yard they will get a shotgun of rock salt in the ass for there troubles. i here by claim the land i live on for the great and powerful king deathwolff and here by proclaim this soil sovereign land of the deathwolff empire! any official agent of a friendly nation that does Trespass shall make our two great nations  declare war untill i say so… see anyone can make up bullshit laws its so easy. ya and by the way i require a tribute from the city of prince rupert and the government of canada $1,000,000,000,000,000.00 so i can pay for the dogs and cats i own. otherwise the sovereign land of the deathwolff empire will have to declare bankruptcy and dissolve all claims to said land and that would suck.  :smiley:

lets get out there and stop this stupid money grab by the city, whats next you can only have two kids if you have more you must kill one off or give the extra one to someone with only one  to no kids. or better still i have one for cityhall the we need to make up for 5 million we lost tax its only a 10% of your bi-weekly pay or 25% for the month if your not paid like most of us.

lets get out there and stop this stupid money grab by the city, whats next you can only have two kids

Hey that is a great idea! :astonished:

By the way, you find the Bylaw in all it’s horror at the bottom of the page here: … _section=4

I am by no stretch of the imagination a pet lover, with that been said I don’t mind this proposal, I mean how many pets does a person need, I think there could be some sort of leighway?sp? where people already have over the prescribed amount of pets. Maybe the city could then enforce the shit bylaw, and clean up our city.

Exactly the type of mentallity that drew up this Bylaw. People who don’t care about animals at all; or stand to make a profit from the Bylaws varying sections. Whether or not they can enforce a Bylaw is not the issue; the issue is allowing our City Hall to put these types of restrictions on us to further their revenue base while further damaging the chances of a stray animal being cared for by prohibition against the public. 

I would propose they seperate Sections 400 to 410, 500 to 507.8, 601 to 604 from the Licensing Sections. They are using one type of person(against vicious dogs etc.) against the other (people who care for feral cats and cat/dog owners in general) in order to have this Bylaw passed.

Quite franlky, its shady usage of polarizing the public in order to have their agenda furthered.

I wonder if the City is still going to insist the local SPCA absorb all the extra costs involved in housing these animals when they are confiscated?

I don’t agree with the fees for pitbulls and the other breeds having to pay 200 + for licenses etc.  I am not a big fan of these breeds however I know alot of pitbulls that have excellent temperments.  They are not all bad.  The fees should be for any dog that shows or has proven to have issues.  I had a black lab coming at me dragging his 100lb master that was after blood.  The master (45ish man) thought it was funny.  I was horrified.  I stood my ground, the master was able to pull him away just before I crapped my pants.  It wasn’t funny.  I have been around dogs all my life and I know a vicous dog when I see one.  That black lab was in the “red zone”!  $1,000.00 lic fee wouldn’t be enough for that beast. 

Wow, I’m totally shocked by the utterly draconian measures outlines in these changes to the bylaws…under this system, (if I still lived up there) I’d be forking over $600 to City Hall annually for the pleasure of looking after my pets, all but three of whom were either adopted from an SPCA,rescued from feral mothers or were lost and starving to death when the one cat followed the kids home from school one day. (three purebred dogs and five house-bound cats)


Wow, yet another reason why I don’t regret moving away-the mismanagement and ineptitude of the way things have been handled the past ten years or so at City Hall make it clear that people up there are grasping at straws and don’t have a clue anymore. All those individuals who have gone out of their way to take in animals and care for them (and I know there are many wonderful families out there who do so) are going to be screwed over for their compassion.


HI everyone, hope you are having a great day, yes its an ugly bylaw all around. you should all send in a response to city hall via the web sight. And call your city counselor and air your views on the matter. the photo of the cat is in the same spot both times , good one.

this is a great forum here. Glad we have a bit of pro and con … Have a good weekend …

keep the views coming in … CM

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I try to stay out of the politics and city affairs but this is just going too far. I’ll be at that meeting. Quite frankly, I cannot imagine the mindset of someone writing all these words and forming this document.

You could see the segway for this a couple months ago when all you heard was the ‘feral cat’ issue, on the radio, in the paper and from word of mouth. Then  was the high profile vicious dog issue on 4th. Not once have I heard of any initiatives to help the SPCA or heaven forbid - a feral cat help fund/control fund. In this day and age it’s easier to kill them off rather than help them out. And that’s what they’ll do with OUR dollars if this Bylaw goes through.

By the way, a little known bit of heresay on good authority: the SPCA takes feral wild kittens and cats but there is a better chance they’ll be put down as nobody wants to adopt a wild cat.

That’s the reason I have four cats, with one dying last year. Between my parents and I, over our time in PR, we’ve had over twenty cats - not the snuggly clean kind you get from the pet store - the ones in real need you find under houses scrounging for warmth. All of them - with a bit of attention and food and patience have been great cats. With clear personalities you can discern between.

The Community Charter (written by the Provincial Gov’t) is what governs the Municipalities and gives them ‘powers’ to make these decisions.

The definition of Dangerous Dog is also found in this document.

The Community Charter can be found in its entirety here:

Division 6 contains the Dangerous Dog bit.

Mayor and council e-mail addresses:

Drop them and e-mail and tell them you’re opposed to this bylaw, and that you will not vote for any councilor that votes for the bylaw.

Personally, I think it’s another cash grab – why the increase in my dog’s license fee?  Does it cost the city more to have him licensed all of a sudden?

Here’s the e-mail I sent them:

I’m just dropping you a note to let you know that as taxpayer and pet owner, I’m very much against all aspects of the proposed animal by-law.  In my opinion, it’s a solution looking for a problem to solve, and a blatant and insulting cash-grab.

I’m also letting you know that your reaction (and that of the other councilors) on this issue will largely decide who I vote for in the next municipal election.

Please don’t vote for a by-law that nobody wants and that nobody asked for. are both bouncing, so I guess their e-mail addresses are out of date.

Also noticed this on the Prince Rupert website, an email link to send your concerns. Though Rupert seems to have a high stray population, I don’t think the Bylaw is anything more than a cash grab. My roommate recently received a notice from the City of Grande Prairie asking for something like $50 per fixed cat or $80 not fixed. Wondering which of the three cats he owns was supposed to be licensed, he called and said he didn’t have it anymore. No questions. I wouldn’t be paying $150 a year for 3 cats that live INSIDE the house for the entire year. If the city off-leash dog park/poop-bag stands are something that costs the city money, then I would happily pay $50 a year for a dog, but not a cat, especially an indoor cat. Does Rupert have an off-leash dog park or poop-bag stands along paths and trails?

[quote=“”]Council is inviting Public Comment on the Bylaw itself, any of its regulatory provisions, including the topic of prohibiting specific business activities. You may submit your concerns in writing to:

Animal Control Bylaw
Corporate Administration
City Hall
424 – 3rd Avenue West

Or you can click HERE to submit your comments electronically.

Alternatively, you may wish to attend the Committee of the Whole Meeting of City Council

    Monday November 26th
    Council Chambers
    City Hall
    424 – 3rd Avenue West