Program will not start on xp login

Ive tried adding it to the registry and startup folder and options in the program.

I have to manually start it on every boot.

Any Ideas?

What program is it, and why do you NEED it to start up at the start up???

Might be a program that depends on something else to start first (another program or service).  What program is it?

Delete system32.  That always works for me.

click START
click RUN

type in:  msconfig

You will get a pop up window "System Configuration Utility "

click on the tab “START UP”

Is your “program” located under that tab?

If Billy’s “adding things to the registry” no damn wonder he’s always asking for help. Get the fuck out of the registry.

Ha-ha, job security for billy’s computer repair technician.  :smiley:

I spend at least 30% of my service time taking things out of the goddam registry so they don’t start automatically.
Nothing quite says LOSER when the hourglass hangs around for five minutes, then MSN starts up and takes up the entire screen. Like on 75% of the systems that come in.
Or idjuts that put the printer disk in and click install. 53,000 HP or Lexmark services firing on bootup just to spit ink on a sheet of paper.
Or Instant (insert brand name) Services on systems 5 years out of warranty…