Problem with Citywest

Anyone else out there having problems with Citywest services for your Cell Phone?  Over charged or unknown charges?  For the past 4 months they have been adding an extra $40.00 - $60.00 on my gf’s cell and each time she goes into to inquire about the extra billing; she gets the run around and they tell her that they are just charges for web browsing.  The thing is, she has not been surfing the web from her phone.  The last time it happened, Citywest told her that they will subtract it from her next bill.  So fine…thank you…but wait…a month later the bill comes and and its on there yet AGAIN!!!  WTF!

Now this months phone bill, they FINALLY have a -$30 something bucks on there, but now they have added $18.50 for sending pictures through her phone.  32 pictures in half an hour.  ??????? ????

And yet another thing, she did not send anything like that because she does not know how to do that yet.  When she did talk to customer service about this over the phone and to see what they were; they told her that they don’t know what those are, all they know that they were pictures been sent.  Funny thing is that this is the bill for feb-march…and the so called text/picture messages were made in December that are added on the bill…  :confused: :angry: :confused:

Yeah…same thing happened to me.  I’ve got an unexpected $15 charge this month on my cell.  The good people at Citywest credited my account, so I’ll get a credit next month.
Weird stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t even get me started :imp:  Was in there yesterday as I had paid off my cell contract $80.00 on January 23, 2009 and even though obviously I haven’t a cell phone anymore, they decided to charge me the $80.00 in March for the buyout of my contract.  The whole issue is so convoluted and complicated that I just gave up trying to hear their stupid and repetitive explanations which by the way, I don’t even think they understand.  They had half a page on my statement of charges and tiny credits for this shit and that shit and all I could hear from the customer service agent was blah-blah-blah !!  Pissed Off and not gonna take it anymore :imp:

That happened to my BF, but he has switched over to Rogers because the lady was treating him so rudely. It started to happen to his friend but he went through his phone settings and found something to do with the internet was turned on…he simply turned it off and no more charges! I will try and find what the exact thing was if i can… hope that helps abit.  :smile:

Citywest is to understaffed and some are just rude.  Rogers has always been friendly with me, no reconnection fee.  They disconnected me once cause I didn’t pay, I paid it off and was connected 10 seconds later.  Citywest takes the whole day

Epic fail.

Of course CityWest will hate you. Why not when you’re the lazy freeloader who never pays your own bills? lol

people always complain about citywest. but it is a lot better than others out there. with rogers you deal with the undertrained and unknowledgable staff at the source. all in all it is a good service you get from there . how polite would you be if everyone you deal with goes in to just bitch at you just because you work somewhere. or you cant go anywhere because people know you work there and they have to bitch to you at safeway or at the bar or get calls at home.

try their job and see how you guys do it. there is some very knowledgable people there but like everywhere else some arent so smart. there is 4 people that are brand new there too. patience and be polite when you go there helps a lot

  Oh decker, if you only knew where I worked and the people I have to deal with everyday and I have to be polite, it is my job but when I roam around town, for the most part people are polite but then there are the assholes that feel they didn’t get a good break from our service and Yes, I have received calls at home also.  I still maintain a good and polite attitude no matter what, at least I can look at myself at the end of the day and know I treated hopefully everyone I dealt with, with respect, NOT like how I was treated yesterday and it was not by a trainee, it was by 2 persons who have worked there awhile.  I will pay the aforementioned $80. that I do not owe and know that I have possibly pumped up their coffee fund  :unamused:

well i dont know where u work . but the people that i know there work hard and put plenty of time into their job. maybe you dealt with the wrong one i dont know . but like every business there are people that arent trained as well and maybe not as knowledgable or just not good at explaining things :wink:

Are you nuts, next time you’re there standing in line count the number of folks working in those cubicles.  :imp:

QFT!  The workers at CityWest are always polite when I stop by.

I’ve been getting charged extra internet access fees although I pay for unlimited access. At a quick glance it looks like I’ve been overcharged $100-$200 over the past few months.

Thanks for the heads up, hope this works… :wink:

This is very true.  I wonder how much they pay their answering machines.  :smiley:

Well anyhoo, thanks for the responses…and I hope that Citywest will get more staff (People who are actually right there at there desk for customer service, and to explain the hidden charges)

Whoa, talk about hidden charges alright! Every1 should take a second glance at cell charges on their bill before paying each time.  Don’t just take it, question it!!! For each time I go to pay my cell phone bill, there is another different charge on there.  What gives? The more people who complain about such hidden charges will bring the bigger question to their Bell provider.  We all need better service, I do mean every1, including CityWest, they ought to try another carrier or go back to the other. Every1 has enough $ probs. than to fork out extra$ for hidden or unknown charges. Ridiculous!

At least I don’t get charged for receiving text messages. phew!

The question is how to put a stop to this.  It seems  I have had to question the local telephone company on all my bills; I was billed $140.00 on my last statement for downloading.  Again their response was it was a mistake and once again credited my account.  There have been charges that I have not been able to be reimbursed.  I was charged $80.00 for web browsing and they would not budge.  I strictly use my phone for incoming and outgoing calls and all they said was someone else must have been using your phone.  I told them I wanted to see what what accessed thru this web browing; couldn’t help me.  This is very frustrating…I recommend to everyone that they thorougly check their telephone bills.

I recommend every cell user who does not need the web on their phone, go with Rogers… 
The Speak Out through 7-11 is also great for pay as you go…
City West are a bunch of arogant over paid idiots and it’s time to take business elsewhere!!

  I have been contemplating buying one of those pay as you go cells from 7-11 as I believe the cell itself is only $59.00 but I have such a bitter taste in my mouth from this crap with Citywest that I am afraid I will get nicked, yet again, somehow or other.  Does anyone out there use the pay as you go and would recommend it?

I really like the pay as you go from 7-11
No CityWest bs… just hassle free and fair priced service and all area code 250 calls are rated as local… 

I’ve been using the speakout phone (the 7-11 thing) since September and have no complaints. Of course I only actually use the thing to make and receive phone calls and send the occsassional text message (no music, and it doesn’t cook or clean up my mess).

The phone I have is a rather chesseball affair just a small little block of plastic, but as far as communicating with it hasn’t presented any problems, I only recently used up my intitial amount of minutes bought back in September…

Pay and you go seems to be working for me, no contracts no crapola so far, touch wood.

If all you want is something to keep in touch and receive messages with it’s a pretty simple unit to use… :smiley: