Probing into the sinking of the MV Queen of the North

Over the past several days, I’ve been hearing various rumours around town surround the sinking of the Queen of the North and the fallout surrounding the incident. While I would like to keep the rumour portion muzzled until I can confirm what I have heard, I’ve taken a look around the web to see if there are any tidbits worthy of commenting on.Â

So far, this is what I have unearthed: … de3c6fb6ab

[quote]Two Queen of the North crew members suspended for refusing to be interviewed about sinking

Canadian Press
Published: Friday October 20, 2006

VANCOUVER - Two BC Ferries employees who were aboard the Queen of the North when it sank have been suspended without pay after refusing to be interviewed about the March 22 accident, Global News reported Thursday.

Neither the union nor the ferry corporation were available to comment on the Global report.

Meanwhile, the ferryworkers’ union is demanding a judicial inquiry into the sinking following allegations from the corporation’s former director of safety that safety-management systems at BC Ferries were in “disarray.”

The allegations are contained in a sworn affidavit by Darin Bowland, who resigned five days after the ferry sank. Ninety-nine people were rescued and two are missing and presumed drowned.[/quote] … 4-sun.html

[quote]Union dismisses fling on fallen ship

The Calgary Sun
Published: Sunday October 22, 2006

VICTORIA – As questions swirl around the Queen of the North sinking, the ferry union boss is dismissing as irrelevant a romantic relationship between the helmswoman and junior officer on the bridge when the vessel crashed.

B.C. Ferry and Marine Workers’ Union president Jackie Miller says there is no evidence the relationship had anything to do with its sinking March 22.[/quote]

I guess my question would be, how would Mr. Miller know anything about what went on between the helmswoman and the junior officer that night if the two mentioned had been fired for being silent and remain tight lipped?

Just for the sake of accuracy it’s Ms. Miller, he is a she.

But as for the answer to your question, like most others I’m not sure of what happened there that night. Until the Transportation board is finished with its investigation we will only be left with the items of wild speculation.

As for any definitive word from the Ferry corp, considering the rather acerbic relations between management and the Ferry Corp of late onw would imagine that we’ll be waiting a while for answers.

Which is  why a judicial inquiry might be the best bet considering the rumours and such making the rounds. Just hope that if we get one, it’s a far site better than the last few judicial inquiries that seem to have taken on a life of their own and made lawyers rich while never coming close to their original goal.

Of course the Ferry Corp doesn’t exactly help its cause regarding saftey by reducing the requirments for those that they want to sail their vessels, rather strange bit of timing on that decision.

Just keep in mind that it’s no surprise the two people are keeping their mouths shut. They were on the bridge when a ship sank and people died. No lawyer worth a damn is going to let someone give statements to the transportation board that can then be used against them criminally and in the civil courts.


Wait a second. There ARE lawyers worth a damn??