Private investigator looking into Highway 16 missing and murdered women

From the Terrace Standard (May 24th: )

A SURREY-BASED private investigator is due in town this week to continue his probe into the missing and murdered women along Hwy16. Ray Michalko says he’ll be talking to between 15 and 30 people in Terrace and area and several in Smithers and Houston.

He says he has compiled a number of tips about the disappearances and murders since he placed newspaper ads in February and March.

“I’ve got a number of tips and people that have talked to me that I want to talk to in person,” said Michalko. “I was completely taken off guard by the number of calls I’ve received from the ads.”

“I’ve probably had approximately 50 contacts with people. The majority have telephoned me but there have been a fair number of emails as well.”

Tamara Chipman from Terrace, who disappeared last fall, is the last person to be placed on the missing/murdered list.

In every case Michalko takes on, he starts with a theory and works to prove or disprove it.

Michalko began his search for answers to why so many women have gone missing along Hwy16 based on a couple of theories, but hasn’t had time to refer back to them to see if he’s closer to the answers he believed he’d find.

“I guess I still have a theory but have spent a lot of time getting some pretty good possible leads that I think warrant looking into,” he said.

He also ran ads in Prince George and Prince Rupert papers and forwarded one lead he received to Prince George RCMP who are handling the case. But he wouldn’t say which missing woman the information concerns.

“It’s interesting. Since I’ve run the ad I’m quite surprised at the interest that I’ve received from out of the province,” said Michalko.

A U.S. magazine for private investigators interviewed Michalko for a story about the missing women after hearing that he was running ads in northern B.C. newspapers.

“I don’t plan to run any more ads right now. I want to see what happens with my time when I’m up there,” he said.