Prisoner abuse

man, what the FUCK were these dudes thinking.

I honestly hope the people who are responsible for this bullshit are handed over to Iraqi authorities once (if) they get their government up and happening.

Not like its going to happen, but the US should completely turn their backs on the scum who could perpetrate shit like this (and be stupid enough to get caught). Fucked thing about this issue is that the people who were probably responsible for putting the dimwit guards in place would love to be able to hand them over and exonerate them of any wrongdoing, but its not like anyone save for the privates from Bumfuck, Missouri are gonna get in trouble anyway…might as well use them to send a message.

It’s been on the news for several days now… I don’t know what the hell the US Troops were thinking, or how putting this on the news and publishing the images will help anything.

Actually, prison abuse is not new. Soon after this story was reported in the media, “Daily Planetâ€

You’re right Dave, nothing new. It’s been going on for a couple of years at Guantanamo Bay.

Let’s not forget the Canadian Airborne in Somalia, pretty much the same thing.

Any undisciplined military unit will do this. That’s what it’s about, lack of discipline and professionalism. These are generally reserve units (the woman with the Iraqi guy on the leash is a reservist, for example), with little professional and consistent leadership.

If you read about the German and Russian experiences during the Second World War, you’ll find the same kind of crap, but it was always done by the second-line or rear-echelon units. Good front-line professional soldiers would never allow those under them to display such lack of discipline.

And you’re right that it’s not about “a few bad apples”. It’s everybody in the unit. The Canadian Forces were right to disband the Airborne for this very reason. Most of those soldiers are now fine soldiers in other more disciplined units (JTF2 comes to mind).

Check out Stanford Prison Experiment web site. This describes what I stated above.

Oh, and lots of people think Zimbardo crossed the line with his famous Stanford experiments, I was just reading something about that the other day. Unethical research methods and all :wink:

There’s lots on the actual experiment at

Which is a good read.

Zing! You owe me a coke.

Dude! We must have the same reading list!

It was on Metafilter a little while back.

MiG, if you enjoy alternative press, you might like

So I figure instead of any sort of reprimand, when the US finally leaves, they just pack up and go without telling the jailer guys.

The sad reality is that such abuse happens frequently in prisons on US soil. How do you repair a whole system?

Did they ever make a movie based on the Standford Prison Experiment?

A documentary movie “Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment”, but I’ll check to see if there was any other movie made.

The book and movie “Lord of the Flies” is basically the same application of theory: Good kids doing Evil.

“Rumsfeld to apologize to Congress”

Um, shouldn’t he apologize to the Iraqis?

No, because that would mean he would have to acknowledge them as people, and not as an inferior visible minority.

your usage of the word minority in this context is shady at best.

man i hope kerry doesnt fuck this election up…

I was speaking from the perspective of someone safely nestled in Caucasoid-dominated North America. I only want what’s best for the Iraqi people.

yea but then it would imply that rumsfeld is apologizing to the iraqi-americans who are the inferior visible minority in north america.

anyway, something was weird there. good thing i picked it out or else this whole place wouldve fallen apart.