Prison buses

I agree that the buses are horrible and the Air Canada baggage system is really inconvenient. I prefer to fly with Hawkair when I can because of that and they also provide newspapers on the flight. It is not true that they have to use those old buses because of the tide heights. It is because those buses are the only ones that the company that provides the bus services has on hand that can handle the ramp and carry wheelchairs. You can’t tell me that there are not newer buses somewhere in the world that can meet the requirements for wheelchairs and tide heights here.

Why are we renovating the airport for millions of dollars? If Grassy Point does get a terminal, road access to the mainland will be required. Why not use the airport renovation money to build a new airport from scratch on the mainland between Metlakatla and Port Simpson? There is lots of relatively flat land and the approach safety will be the same as Digby Island. If we compare costs including road access, I bet building a new airport without needing to build a bridge over Venn Passage would be cheaper than renovating the existing airport and building the bridge.

I suggest that the airport society hold on to the improvement fee money for a while and delay renovations until we can see how some of these other developments unfold. In the meantime lets get some buses that have been built in this millennium!

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I laughed when I read “prison buses” cause when my son was 5 and we were going to Vancouver he was excited when he saw the buses come to the curb. I was heading for the more comfortable one when he jumped up and down and insisted we take the blue bus cause it looked like a prison bus! Haha, he LIKES the prison bus look. Oh to have the positive outlook of a child my life through!

a new airport from scratch?
like a failed baking experiment?..christ all mighty.
please refrain from hot boxing your bathroom then posting on htmf…wait a while cure the munchies and chive on

it’s all about choices and from Terrace there are lower fares … The situation at our airport here is never going to change and you have to either go with it or simply choose Terrace to fly out of.

Couple of points…

It is the Airport Society (and not City Council) that has decided to upgrade the runway and building. If the runway is not upgraded, eventually ( and I think quite soon) the runway will not be considered adequate for the landing of commercial flights.

Waiting would be nice, however, I believe there is a limit to the amount of time available that we could wait (see previous comment).

Yes I suspect that you are right. I bet there are other buses out there which could be used immediately or after some modifications. The City has a contract with a contractor to provide busing to the airport. If the City wants better buses, then the City will have to pay for the better buses. The money to pay for the increased costs will either come from the municipal taxpayer or by an increase in airport user fees - take your pick! I’d rather save a few dollars on the bus and then spend my money elsewhere.

Yes, you can drive back and forth to Terrace. However, most of us drive cars that use either gas or diesel. Parking fees are also payable at the Terrace Airport. When you add up the cost of fuel, wear and tear on your car, and parking at airport -I don’t think you will save any real money on the trip.

I think we have a pretty good deal in Prince Rupert. If you live in the lower mainland your choices are: pay a taxi (round-trip from downtown about $70 - $90); ALRT (I think about $12 round-trip but a pain if you have a couple of bags); drive (cost of gas and wear and tear on your car plus parking fees at airport); or get a friend to drive you out there (driving you out there is their part of the transaction, I don’t know how you will return the favour).

A recent search for flights showed as low as $114 out of Terrace to Vancouver while out of Rupert was $251 …
The savings for a family of four will be worth the expenses to many … Other destinations the savings can be even better.
I did not realize the run way was that outdated.

When considering Terrace don’t forget the condition of the roads this time of year.

It is a real toss up when one considers all facets of the options. Next thing we’ll see is a shuttle service from here to Terrace. Not a bad idea really…