Prince Rupert's achilles' heel … ike-notice

Despite this looming strike and the medias headlines that everything will come to a grinding halt, that is just not the case. The railway will still operate in some capacity, albeit certainly reduced, so things in Rupert will certainly not stop operating.

Further proof that if you’re a big enough corporation the gov’t does what you tell it to. … -1.2524031

tentative deal reached

Prince ruperts real Achilles heal is all the nay sayers. Any time someone wants to do something big people line up with complaints. Oh no my property values, oh no the environment.

Lets be real enbridge is a bad deal but the LNG plants are a good trade off. Bunch of whiners oh look someone built something in an industrial area whaaaaaaaaaaaa whaaaa. It’s not my fault I bought this property next to a industrial zoned area… or better yet I bought a house next to a train crossing and hear a train make some noise poor me.