Prince Rupert Winner on Super7

I just went to the bclc website to check my lotto super 7 ticket (didn’t win), and I noticed that someone from Prince Rupert got 6 out of 7 plus the bonus, for a prize of $127 000.  Let me know if you hear who it is…I used to live in Rupert and want to know if I know the lucky winner.  What I don’t understand is that it shows two people getting 7 out of 7 and winning 12.5 million each…but advertises next week’s super 7 jackpot at 27 million. I thought it only got carried over if nobody won the 25 million this week???

Bah. Wasn’t me. Not that I’m surprised.  :angry:


Im pretty sure its just extra money.  When its gets 15 million or more, people start spending a lot more on lottery.

Would be Nice Just to be able to Get ahead With a little bit of the Winnings from a Lottery ticket, Good for Who ever Won some money.

It was Mr. Peter Allen-Reid, the local car salesman for Rainbow Chrysler.  Couldn’t have happened to a better person. … NewsID=416

I am glad he got that chunk of change.

Peter dont work there now he works with me…

He still showed up at our staff Christmas party… even bought me a drink!