Prince Rupert Teachers' Union leads the charge to boycott FSA’s

The British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, acting upon a resolution introduced by the Prince Rupert District Teachers Union, has come out in favour of a boycott of the Foundation Skills Assessment tests for next year.
Teachers attending the Federations’ 92nd annual general meeting this week, met behind closed doors to come to a decision on how best to approach the controversial FSA tests. The province wide standardized tests in reading, writing and math introduced by the Ministry of Education; the results of which end up controversial when they are used every year by the Fraser Institute to rank schools.

And it’s those rankings in effect that are at the core of the dispute. The resolution introduced by the Rupert local is designed to put an end to the Fraser Institute practice. Many of the teachers would prefer to go back to the standard in place prior to 2000, where random samplings were taken instead of the province wide testing process that the Fraser Institute extracts its reports from…

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