Prince Rupert Taxis

Has anyone really seen any of those things? Whats the worst one you’ve seen? Post a pic, Lets have a look at them, who can take a picture of the worst one!

I remember years ago they wanted to raise the rates for a scary taxi ride and city council had to vote on it , Councillor Myles Moreau spoke against it and it was finally voted down . He had every cab in town giving him the finger . But yeah I like that lets see who can get the worst pic .

the best one is my neighbour when he used to drive me around to parties and id try to talk him into comign in. no dice.

another good one is the guy who was like “DUUUUUDE you’re totally in on her man !!” when my girlfriend went to go buy some drink or sizzurp or something.  i was like . yeah. i am in on that. word. cheers.

one time i was in van and taxi’ing with some random chicks to their house to party and when the girls went into 7-11 to buy taquitos or sizzurp or something i was like hey dude hers the deal, how about i pay you for the cab ride now (ball park it) and when we get there you talk me up and say i dont gotta pay because im such a stand up dude.  deal he sez.  so i totally impressed those chicks by having a cab driver think i was cool.  it didnt really work out in the end though.  but try that on some random chicks one day.  ok im going to go rappell a tree instead of chit chat in the internet

Sorry I meant the Cars not the drivers.  :smiley:

Except we take pics of Skeena taxis…I’d rather ride in this burned husk of A car than some of the cabs I have seen around here…

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Local taxis should be like at the van. airport ,under 7-8 yrs old (the cars),no rattles and at least one or two should shower once aweek not a month,.no cells,no cb’s,and radio’s while driving…and that would keep most of us feeling better…don’t get me wrong most are great and keep their cars updated,but at least 7 of them should not be on the road, the cabs and the drivers …

Just yesterday I was thinking of how many NICE looking cabs were driving around town. The black one that lives just up the hill from PJs is the only older one I have seen this week. Who’s the company with the white cars? Impalas or whatever they are… much nicer than I remember from CHSS days.

In Vancouver, all new taxis have to be hybrids.

Though according to the news, they don’t always take their passengers where they wish to go, which kind of defeats the purpose of hailing a cab I guess…

They’re all owned by Skeena, they’re the only taxi cab company in town.

gotta love the ones that are painted with a spray bomb  :smiley: