Prince Rupert senior's feeding routine runs afowl of the bylaw department

We have concerns about this, because we have had contact with the province and conservation officers in Terrace, and they’re concerned about this. (It’s about) discouraging the feeding of animals."–City Administrator Doug Jay explaining why a Prince Rupert senior received a visit from the bylaw officer last month

Feeding the wildlife of Prince Rupert has proven to be a troublesome hobby for a Prince Rupert senior. The Wednesday Daily News had the story of Bea Litchfield, who was reprimanded by the city by law office for her feeding of the deer that are populating Prince Rupert like dandelions these days.

Litchfield apparently has been feeding the deer for years without incident until this year, when it seems that some fellow neighbours in the hood decided that enough was enough and reported the wheel chair bound woman to the city.

From there the city sprang into action sending a bylaw officer to her home in late April to bring to an end the buffet line of Kaien Island…

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So I see a silver lining in this grey cloud.

We have a bylaw officer actually applying the cities bylaws. So the little doggie landmines littering our streets should be delt with…

Oh well one can dream…

Hahaha - what I’ve noticed is that the owners of smaller dogs are pretty good about picking up their pets’ waste - while it appears that more of the owners of larger breeds tend to leave the landmines around…seems a little backwards hey?  There’s no reason why everyone can’t be responsible for their own pet - bags are easy to carry and there is a plethora of garbage bins throughout the city so one doesn’t have to carry the bag of stink for the whole walk.

Cmon, would YOU want to pick up a HUGE pile of steaming coil from your large breed dog? That’s why larger dog owners don’t pick it up. Little doggies don’t make much waste.

I try to pick up my dogs doo whenever I can. But then I end up carrying the damn thing for blocks because around where I live, there aren’t so many cans. Not so pleasant carting around a bag of dog dung.

Uhm, it’s not meant to be pleasant - it’s meant to be respectful of other people that are sharing the sidewalks with you and your large breed dog.  If it’s such a contentious issue that you can’t be bothered to be bound by the same rules as those with smaller dogs, then take your dog on a trail or somewhere that you don’t have to pick it up and carry it for blocks.  Seriously - it’s not rocket science.

To F’n bad!!  Your dog, your responsibility, you pick it up.  I can’t believe people let their dogs crap wherever they have the urge and DONT PICK IT UP.  Totally Ignorant and lazy.  :angry:

There is a SERIOUS issue with dog crap around here!  I cannot believe how much there is!  It’s totally disgusting!

I pick up my dog’s crap when I walk her.  I wish everyone else would too.  I just paid $40 for a dog licence, and I wonder what that money is going towards, 'cause it certainly isn’t going into providing poop bags, or going towards people enforcing the dog bylaws.

I have a couple of baggies in the pocket of my jacket when I walk my dogs. Turn it inside out,  use it like a glove to pick up the steaming pile, pull the bag back over your hand and zip it. When you zip the seal the stink stays in the bag. Not very pleasant but more pleasant than stepping in the pile.

Just this afternoon I went out in my front yard to rid it of some dandelions. To my disappointment I found four land mines two of which I imagine came from a Clydesdale cross. It ought to be legal to slingshot the owner of a dog taking a dump on your yard and leaving it behind.

BTW my dogs do not have access to my front yard unless I am with them. I pickup after them even in my own yard.

BubbaSteve, truly sad. :unamused:

Lol well that is why I usually take my dog on trails and such :stuck_out_tongue:

I was being sarcastic. Calm down people.

You know how hard I had to beat my dog to get it to shit one someone else’s lawn?

My rant wasn’t directed solely at you but to all people to don’t pick up their dog crap…but you should still clean your dog crap “on trails and such” too…people without dogs (perhaps with kids) use those trails too and I am sure they wouldn’t want to step in a land mine, I know I wouldn’t.

Nahh, he goes off the trail usually.