Prince Rupert Science Fair

It’s science fair time again and there is still time to register and get a project going. This is a great experience for kids as they learn about scientific method, interesting science topics, and presentation. It’s fun to hang out with friends and check out the interesting projects. Pizza lunch is provided for the kids.

If you go to there are lots of suggestions about how to put together a project, and the internet is full of great resources.

Visit … ience-fair to register online.

Hope to see lots of people there!

There is still time to put a science fair project together. And I saw tons of project boards at the Dollar Store the other day.
Hope to see lots of people out, the kids always have a great time at these things. … ience-fair

Pizza lunch is provided for the kids.

11 year old Billy, huge wooden hammer in hand and cage of lab mice under sign: Billy Smith, Grade 5: “Fear In Mice