Prince Rupert Schools reconfiguration

There is a notice of closure ( term may be wrong) for 60 days on PRSS, as it stands now only the one high school and no middle school.  This is going to make the schools even more crowded. As a parent of a child in the school system I thought the Govt had stated no increase in class size. I understand the $ situation, but are we doing this correctly?  I for one don’t think so.  What is going to be done with the empty schools we are still paying for the boilers etc being on … why can’t the property be sold ?

I split this topic, so that it would be about the actual closings.

So did anyone attend the meeting last night?  What was decided?

there is talk of bringing tailors for the class rooms to Charles hays school and setting them up at the end of the field below the store.

My thoughts…not that they matter are:
Put grade 6-8 at Roosevelt, move the Roosevelt kids to Pineridge and Westview. Close PRSS. This way the only school closing is the one that is no longer structuraly safe. To me, this makes sense. :smile:

Unless of course you are an east side student that comes from a family with no means to drive your kid to school.

Anyone know what the average class size is for schools in Rupert?

Couldn’t the school bus take them?  I realize that may not be how the yellow bus system works, but in light of school closures/shuffles perhaps the district would be willing to at least look at that. 

roosevelt isnt really much farther than prss but i understand you not having a vehicle

I wasn’t referring specifically to me, just in general. And we’re talking about grade 6 students having to go that far. If the district has to start busing students from one side of town to the other, just how much money are they really saving in the end?

It just seems like the east side of town is taking the brunt of all these changes.

Here are the decisions from last nights school board meeting:

1.  Amalgamation of the two highschools no sooner than Sept. 2010 - Passed

2.  Change grade configuration to K - 5, 6 - 8 and 9 -12. - Defeated

3.  Notice of consideration of closure of PRSS - Passed

  1. Request that the 8 million already approved by the ministry of education be used to put an addition to CHSS, so all secondary students can be housed there - Passed

In essence no middle school for Prince Rupert, an addition to CHSS.  The SB might pass the first reading to close PRSS at its Sept. 09 meeting after which a consultation period of min. 60 days starts.  No further school closures

well with how much itll cost to upgrade prss just makes sense to close it. yes be an inconvenience to some. i live on 8th east right by conrad but ive been driving my son to and from annunciation every day for 3 years and will for my daughters when they are old enough.

Think you might be wrong on the school closure item, according to the two versions of the Critical path presented on the SD website today, Westview would close the English students moving to Pineridge, with the French Immersion program moving to a “School within a school” format at Roosevelt, at least that is how I understand the flow chart that they’ve provided.

They haven’t posted a definite decision on the middle school issue on their website (though they tend to be slow to use it at the best of times), but one option of the draft still includes that option with an amalgamation of PR and CH in 2011-12, the other option skips the middle school plan with a closure of PR in 2013-14.

Either of those options keeps a school in Port Edward, which is good news for them. … -pathf.pdf

Hopefully they post their decision on the website so we can examine it and the ramifications that it provides.

I think this is going to come back and bite them in the ass - but that’s just my theory and I really do hope I am wrong.  Sure, it may put off the ‘problem’ for a little while, but it is far from a long term solution.  If I am right (and I sincerely hope that I am not) - then in a year or so more and more staff members will start getting laid off - it is then that perhaps some of those that disagree with this move will start to think ‘oh, maybe we should have thought that decision through a little more’.    :unamused:

Exercise is good for you.  So is public transportation.

Yes, that flow chart provided that option, but the school board also had the following motion lined up: "6.  Notice of Consideration of School Closure (notice that elementary closure will be considered early next year, with a decision planned for October, 2009)"
That motion wasn’t tabled after the other motions had been decided on.

So in a town with as much wet weather as we have, it’s fair to expect them to walk to school that far in the rain? It’s also fair to expect those families to pay to get their kid to school? Take a look around and think about how many families live in this town without the means to supply their kids with decent clothes/wet weather gear and bus tickets.

When those kids get to school hungry because they had to leave so early to walk and wet to the bone because they don’t have wet weather gear, how are they going to sit down and focus on learning?

Did they even discuss transportation options at these meetings?

Christ, when I was a kid I had to walk 1.5 miles to school, no shit every day rain or shine when i lived in sandspit… just be thankful…we have buses…

So there ya have it. Do we want all our kids to turn out like Astro?!?  :imp:

lmao haha good one…

Never mind I found this site for class size and composition statistics. … s-size.php

I am surprised that the Provincial class size average is only 24.4. I thought it would be closer to 28-30 for some reason. Interesting statistics at that site anyways.