Prince Rupert Relay for Life

I got an email from the organizer about this event. It will be held on June 6th at PRSS Track Pattulo Park from 10am-10pm. If you would like to start a team or join a team, please email the organzier Cathy Quane @

You find 9 other people to bike the track its a great way to CELEBRATE those that have won their battle with Cancer, REMEMBER those that have lost their battle to this disease and FIGHT BACK 90% of all Cancers are preventable. ( Lifestyle choices, etc) Hope it turns out well. It is the week after the Skeena River Run and the week before Seafest.

I hope I am allowed to post this in here? If not, can the moderators please post in the correct place or delete and accept my apologies.
Thanks !

With all the money they’ve raised, they haven’t cured it yet??

Dude, there’s no profit in a cure.  :unamused:

It’s sad, but the truth.

Your opinions may be true however, 20 years ago childhood cancers had only a 10% or less survival rate today there is a 90% for most childhood cancers so the research must be working and yes it costs money. What doesn’t?

Oh there are huge profits in cancer treatment.  Have you seen the costs of cancer treatments in the US?

The fact that cancer isn’t one disease, but rather a whole range of them is also important to understand.  And yes, they’ve identified the causes of some cancers, and have effective treatments for many.

A link with some nice graphs: … _2-eng.php

I never said Treatment Mig, I said CURE!!!

Meaning, no more cancer, period.

There is money in treating it, but you will never ever ever see a cure, because then, cancer ENDS.


Cure: bring around: provide a cure for, make healthy again; “The treatment cured the boy’s acne”; “The quack pretended to heal patients but never managed to”

If you look at the link there, you’ll see that in many of the cancers, we are able to “cure” large percentages with “treatment.”  So definitely a profit in curing cancer.

There isn’t one “cancer” by the way, it’s a large class of illnesses. 

I also remember that someone on this forum (was it you?) was freaking out about a vaccine for the HPV virus, which is the main cause of cervical cancer.  That’s hundreds of thousands of cervical cancer cases a year we have “cured.” 

The companies that market that vaccine are making a lot more money off the cure.  So saying “there’s no profit in a cure.” isn’t true at all.  There’s a huge profit in a cure.

Meh, I’m tired of arguing with you.

You said there wasn’t a profit to be made from curing cancer.  I think I’ve shown you are wrong, and that a lot of people are making a profit from curing cancer.  The civil thing to do is to agree, instead of taking it personally.

By the way, a lot of the research behind cancer cures is paid for by by donations as well as government funding.  And despite what you think, there have been effective cures found for cancers.

As Mig said, many cancers fall under the medical catagory of “curable”

“No more cancer” falls under the catagory of “eradication” and this is a completely
different ball game.
Attempts at eradication are extremely expensive financially compared to research programmes and not entered into lightly.
In addition to the financial requirements there is extreme stress on health care systems…not to mention the hard-to-come-by political agreements needed between borders.
Maybe thats why globally eradicated diseases to date can be counted on one finger. 

I didn’t post the info on here to start yet another round of disucssions, it was a way to help my friend get the word out about the RELAY. Having lost many friends and family to this disease, I am trying to do my part to get as many people out to participate … TERRACE had 58 teams last year … we had 27 or 28.  Our team like many turns this into a day long affair with good food ( lots of great food vendors will be there) and there is supposed to be face painters, and some other fun events for the kids.
So … I hope some of you HTMF’ers will start a team or join a team to make this RELAY a success.  Thanks for letting me post it in the here by the way moderators!
Hope everyone has a nice Easter.

You’re right…it was wrong to move away from the intent of your post.
Happy Easter.

Thanks Piknic.  Wasn’t trying to rein you in or anything :smile: